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Cannes judge Jane Campion blasts sexism at film festival

Palme d'Or jury president Jane Campion claims there is inherent sexism in the film industry.

The New Zealand born director – who is this year's Palme d’Or jury president – believes there is a lack of top female directors because of the gender inequality in the movie business.
"There is some inherent sexism in the industry," Campion said.
"It feels very undemocratic and women do notice.
"Time and time again we don't get our share of representation.
"Excuse me gentlemen, but the guys seem to eat all the cake."
Champion – who is the only woman to ever win the festivals top prize for The Piano in 1993 – says she doesn't hold any resentment toward her male counterparts, instead she "loved them" but that didn't make up for the lack of females.
"It's always a surprise when a woman filmmaker does come about," she said.
Female jury members Leila Hatami, Carole Bouquet, Do-yeon Jeon, jury president Jane Campion and jury member Sofia Coppola attend the Jury photocall.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Campion also commented that Cannes artistic director, Thierry Fremaux had told her that of the 1,800 titles submitted for consideration at this year's festival 93 per cent were directed by men.
"Thierry is [rightly] proud that women represent 20 percent of the titles selected across the Cannes sections," she said.
Jury memebers Willem Dafoe, Nicolas Winding Refn, President of the jury Jane Campion, Gael Garcia Bernal and Jia Zhangke Actor Lambert Wilson at a photocall.
This year's nine-person jury is made up of five women and four men and depite her personal feelings Campion says the panel will not be swayed by gender.
"Basically, we can look with our hearts and our conscience and decide what we love the most."
The Palme d'Or will be presented at a ceremony on May 24.

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