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Baby on board! Candice and David Warner are expecting their third child

And the bub's two older sisters are simply overjoyed!

Congratulations are in order for former Australian cricketer David Warner and his wife Candice.
The mum-of-two daughters, Ivy Mae, 4, and Indi Rae, 2 (in Jan), took to her Instagram to share the wonderful news via her top 9 posts of the year.

"Being together has made us into the family we are today. We are so grateful for all the love and support everyone has shown us this year," she captioned the post.
"It is with a full heart that @davidwarner31 & I would like to share with you that in 2019 our family of 4 will become a family of 5. We have another beautiful baby joining our family. We are so thrilled! We wish everyone a Happy new year. X"
Ahhh! What a way to bring in the new year!
This heartwarming post comes after what has been a trying and tragic year for the couple.
After David was caught up in the notorious ball-tampering scandal that rocked the nation in March this year, Candice tragically lost a baby she had been carrying through the process.
"A week after the press conference, I woke up feeling pretty ordinary," she told the Australian Women's Weekly in a tell-all interview at the time.
Three-year-old Ivy Mae and two-year-old Indi Rae with their mum Candice. (Source: The Australian Women's Weekly)
"I called Dave to the bathroom and told him I was bleeding. We knew I was miscarrying and we held one another and cried. "
"The miscarriage was a tragic consequence, a heartbreaking end to a horror tour. Like so many families who've experienced a miscarriage, it's just really sad.
"The entire ordeal from the public humiliations to the ball tampering, it had taken its toll and, from that moment, we decided that no sport, nothing will ever impact our lives like that again."

During the time of the tampering scandal, the media and the public tore their family to pieces.
Coming home from Johannesburg, and carrying Indi and Ivy, the pair were met with photographers and were trolled for "putting their daughters through" it all.
"I was completely gutted when I saw the media – especially after 23 hours flying, knowing the world had no idea I was carrying our third child," she said.
And then the fateful press conference where she was accused of faking her emotions by having PR maven Roxy Jacenko sitting next to her – but it was far from reality.
"Sitting there, watching my husband, a broken man, tore me apart."
Reflecting on her miscarriage, Candice said:
"At the time, I felt like I'd let us down – that my body had let us down – but I've come a long way since then. I'm a very spiritual person and I truly believe it wasn't their time to be with us. Despite our terrible loss, I do know without any doubt that my calling in life is to be a mum."
Ivy Mae, 4, and Indi Rae, 2, are overjoyed with the impending arrival of a little sibling! (Source: Instagram)
Now, Candice, David and their two daughters, could not be happier to share the special news of the new addition to their family.
In fact, it seems, Indi and Ivy will be the best big sister's for the new bub which is due around the Cricket World Cup (May to July 2019).
Congratulations to the Warner family!

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