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Candice Falzon wows in $25,000 wedding dress

Candice Falzon has walked down the aisle in a custom-made gown as she married cricketer David Warner, who flew into the ceremony by helicopter.

When little girls dream of their wedding day, not many would be thinking about a $25,000 dress to walk down the aisle in. But for former iron woman and new mother, Candice Falzon this was a beautiful reality.
Fortunately, the exxy gown was gifted to the 30-year-old bride by designer Pallas Couture, and took three woman in Perth a month to make, reports Woman’s Day..
"I didn’t think I’d ever wear a dress like this," Falzon told the magazine.
The former ironwoman and new mum had all eyes turning as she was walked down the aisle in the French tule and lace gown, bringing a tear to the eye of her husband-to-be.
"How could I not have a tear in my eye when I saw Candice walk around the corner looking like the most beautiful bride in the world," Warner said.
She wasn’t the only one taking the spotlight on the day with the couples daughter, Ivy Mae, walking down the aisle, also in a white, lace gown.
The couple wed at the NSW Terrara House near Berry - a town south of Sydney – with David making an entrance almost as spectacular as his bride and daughter; flying into the ceremony with his three groomsman by helicopter.
The newlyweds will be spending the next few weeks in India where Warner will be playing cricket in the Indian Premier League with Sundrisers Hyderabad.
They hope to travel to the South of France after for a belated honeymoon, reports Woman’s Day, who have the exclusive wedding deal.
Just for fun, The Weekly started weighing up what we could do with that $25K.
A dozen Prada handbags? A Volkswagen Golf, and a return flight to Los Angeles?
Clean water for 200 families in drought stricken southern Africa, fifty times over. Or sponsor four children living in third world countries for a decade.
Or a wedding dress as beautiful as this?

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