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Candice Falzon opens up about the joys of motherhood

Candice Falzon is really every woman; she’s a mother, a fiancé and a national Iron Woman.

The stunning blonde sat down with Mother And Baby to talk about the joys and challenges that come with parenthood.
Candice and her cricketer fiancé, David Warner, welcomed daughter Ivy Mae on September 11, 2014.
The 30-year-old new mum says it wasn’t all smooth sailing during her pregnancy. When she was just 28 weeks along, a 4D scar revealed Ivy wasn’t growing as fast as she should be, which lead to Candice needing to give birth three days prior to her due date.
“At one stage it was frightening as I wasn’t quite ready to have Ivy earlier than I did. But delivering a healthy baby takes priority, and it’s not about you any more, it’s about your child,” Candice revealed.
Despite the fact that Candice was a national Iron Women – a triathlete who was used to tackling things head on – but nothing could truly prepare her for the craziness that comes with becoming a parent.
She recalls David needed to leave two weeks after their little one was born due to his work commitments.
“That was tough but it gave me a chance to bond with Ivy and really get to know her.”
These days the family travels together, and baby Ivy Mae has already been on more than 18 flights!
And just four months after giving birth, Candice was back to competing in triathlons.
“Getting back on a starting line was a huge achievement – to be honest, I’m really proud of myself for just putting on a swimming costume!” she said.
But Candice has one very important person to credit: her mum.
“I definitely couldn’t have coped without my mum, who lives nearby.” It’s a precious mother-daughter bond she can’t wait to have with her little girl.
“The best thing about being a mum is knowing that, for the rest of my life, I am responsible for raising a beautiful child. Ivy brings out the best in both [David and I], and also in our relationship.”

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