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Calvin Harris calls out "hurtful" Taylor Swift on Twitter

Tay’s DJ ex is reportedly sick and tired of her trying to “bury” him.

By Elizabeth Best
There is some SERIOUS bad blood between Taylor Swift and her ex Calvin Harris if his latest Twitter rant is anything to go by.
It seems the Scottish DJ has had enough, responding to the rumours she wrote his latest song featuring Rihanna, and calling out Taylor for her “hurtful” comments.
He started out playing nice, confirming the Love Story singer did indeed contribute to the track by re-tweeting a link with the headline “Taylor Swift wrote Calvin Harris and Rihanna’s hit This Is What You Came For.”
He followed the link up with a comment praising his ex-lover’s musical ability.
Calvin conformed his ex did write the lyrics for his latest hit.
"And she sings on a little bit of it too," the 32-year-old added. "Amazing lyric writer and she smashed it as usual."
He then when on to clarify the finer details, stating she’d written only the lyrics, and that he’d arranged the music, produced it and spliced in the vocal track.
But that’s where the niceties ended.
No more Mr Nice Guy...
Calvin then took to calling Taylor out on her motives for releasing the information.
Taylor just visited sick kids in hospital and the video will warm your heart. Post continues below
“Hurtful to me at this point that her and her team would go so far out of their way to try and make me look bad at this stage though,” he wrote.
“I figure if you’re happy in your new relationship you should focus on that instead of trying to tear your ex-bf down for something to do.”
The Scottish DJ said if Tay was happy in her new relationship with Tom Hiddleston, pictured, she should be focusing on that.
Taylor has very publically moved on with Marvel movie star Tom Hiddleston, and isn’t shy about showing PDA all over the globe.
See Tom’s awkward reaction to being asked about Tay-Tay in this clip! Post continues.
He then seemed to confirm Taylor’s ongoing feud with fellow musician Katy Perry in a tweet that’s sure to cause waves for the 26-year-old blonde pop star.
“I know… you need someone new to try and bury like Katy etc, but I’m not that guy, sorry.
“I wont allow it.” Ouch!
Did Calvin just confirm Taylor's ongoing feud with Katy?
Katy immediately took to social media to seemingly respond to the controversy with a cryptic tweet.
The Firework singer posted a Hillary Clinton meme showing the US presidential candidate displaying a very matter-of-fact face.
Alongside the gif, she wrote, "Time, the ultimate truth teller".
Fans immediately applauded Katy for her subtle shade throwing.

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