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Cabin crew dish dirt on high-flying celebrities

"He was very content with his Vegemite sandwich”.

Celebrities around the globe might proceed with a little more caution next time they sit down in their business class seat for a long-haul flight after cabin crew have publicly dished the dirt on how the famous behave.
The Professional Pilots Rumour Network is the website providing cabin crew with an outlet to either rave about the famous or reveal their rude behaviour, news.com.au has revealed.
Beyonce is apparently “cool, calm and collected” while Rihanna has been rubbed “spoiled”.
Kylie Minogue is rumoured to be “lovely” and Delta Goodrem pleasantly chatted to pilots over a cup of tea on one flight.
Natalie Imbruglia is “friendly and gorgeous” while Joan Rivers was apparently “on another planet”
Gordon Ramsay’s “ego barely fitted on the 747” and Madonna was deemed “precious”.
And what about a man who has held this nation's top job?
John Howard – in true patriotic fashion – appeared “very content with his Vegemite sandwich” and was apparently extremely polite.
We would expect no less from the nation’s second longest-serving Prime Minister.

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