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Nostalgia Alert! B*Witched is coming to Australia

OK! chat with band member Lindsay Armaou.

By OK! team
Attention '90s pop diehards – all your dreams are about to come true.
OK! caught up with everyone's favourite Irish girl group B*Witched to talk about their Aussie tour with Aqua, Blue and Vengaboys – to name a few – in 2019. And Lindsay Armaou, 39, might be just as excited to board the Vengabus as we are!
Here, she talks Rihanna, Kylie Minogue and of course, C'est La Vie
90s girlband BWitched* are touring Australia next year. Source: Getty Images.
What's your favourite song to perform?
"Personally, my fave song of ours is Blame It on the Weatherman, but to perform, it's C'est La Vie because of the reaction we get from the audience. They just get so excited!"
Your music is so fun and light-hearted…
"Pop in the '90s used to be so much fun, and quite innocent lyrically, too. I think parents were happy for their kids to have our album."

Is music today something you'd be happy for your daughter Sophia (12 months) to listen to?
"Now, I'm thinking ahead to when my little girl is older and I'm like, 'I won't want her having a Rihanna album.' I mean, I like Rihanna, but I won't want my daughter hearing her talking about sex and everything else – it's just not right!"
Do you have some fave Aussie artists?
"Oh, gosh yes! We love Kylie Minogue. She's our pop queen over here. And I used to be really into INXS as well. "
Have you guys ever been to Australia?
"Yes, back in 1999 – and it was absolutely brilliant. We did an Aussie promo tour. I remember crying when we left! "
To see B*Witched visit frontiertouring from October 16

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