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Brooklyn Beckham becomes fashion photographer

It's not what you know...

Burberry’s choice of photographer for their latest social media campaign has fashion fans and professional photographers up in arms reports Daily Mail.
Usually seen in front of the camera, 16-year-old Brooklyn Beckham was behind the lens for the This Is Brit fragrance shoot and commentators are screaming nepotism.
They claim Brooklyn would never had got the job if it weren’t for his famous parents, David and Victoria Beckham.
Burberry has been making fashion waves in England since 1856 so one would imagine their marketing team have a fair idea of what will work for the brand, however many disgruntled people who believe they know best have taken their umbrage to Twitter.
"Ridiculous," James Stephen Green stated on Facebook. "Given how many people he has assisting him on location. One of them will have set the camera up and said "Here you go Brooklyn, just point and press".
Ami Barwell added: "He's not even holding the camera right."
Not everyone was a hater, however, and Kristy Scott came to Brooklyn’s defence.
"Art is a talent everyone has and can refine" she said. "If lucky, anyone can succeed. Just because he has money in his pockets doesn't mean he's not driven like his parents to make his life better."
Burberry live streamed the teen on the shoot and he looked calm and cool, which no doubt incensed the haters further.
“Brooklyn has a really great eye for image and Instagram works brilliantly for him as a platform to showcase his work,” said Burberry's Chief Creative and Chief Executive Officer Christopher Bailey.
“His style and attitude were exactly what we wanted to capture in the spirit of this new Brit fragrance campaign and I am loving the shots of Saturday's live shoot which looks incredible.”
This is not the first, nor indeed the last, case of it’s not what you know but who you know in the world, but according to all accounts Brooklyn did a great job and proved he was worthy of the opportunity afforded to him.

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