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Brad Pitt crashes wedding

Abi Lingwood won’t be forgetting her big day in a hurry. Not only did she marry her long-time love, Daniel, she also got to meet Hollywood heart-throb Brad Pitt!
The newlyweds got the surprise of their lives when they spotted the 49-year-old superstar at the Stoke Park Country Club & Hotel in Buckinghamshire, England, where they were celebrating their wedding.
“My husband said to me Brad Pitt was at the bar and that I had to go with him,” says the gushing 28-year-old bride. “So he dragged me across the hotel. I thought he was joking.”
Brad, who is sporting a new haircut, was in town shooting WWII film Fury at nearby Pinewood Studios and happily posed with the couple.
“He said, ‘Sure, no problem,’ and, ‘Congratulations, I hope you have had a great day. Let’s have a picture,” says Abi.
Brad, who is due to marry his fiance, Angelina Jolie, in coming months, even complimented Abi’s dress.
“He was lovely and said I looked nice,” she adds.
The pair were the only fortunate ones to spot Brad and when they announced to their reception who they ran into, guests scrambled to find the star.
“The girls were going wild and mental, so Brad and the people he was with went upstairs to a room for their meeting,” she says.
Abi got lucky a second time when she glimpsed the actor again the following morning in the hotel lobby. She describes her wedding as “amazing” and that meeting Brad topped off her special day.
“It was more of a talking point than my wedding, but that’s fine,” emphasises Abi.

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