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EXCLUSIVE: Former Home and Away star Todd Lasance talks new Aussie series Bite Club

The Summer Bay alum is making waves in the US, but he returned home for a new Aussie crime thriller.

By OK! team
You might recognise him from Home and Away, where he played bad boy Aden Jefferies.
But these days, Todd Lasance is making his mark on television screens all over the world. The 33-year-old – who's part of the Aussie acting contingent that bounce between Los Angeles and the land Down Under – has found success with roles in The Vampire Diaries and The Flash.
The actor was back in Oz earlier this year to film Bite Club – a gripping crime thriller series that follows two shark attack survivors.
Here he catches up with OK! to talk all things Bite Club and the life of a travelling actor.
Since leaving Summer Bay, Aussie actor Todd has appeared in US hit shows like The Vampire Diaries.
Tell us about Bite Club. What got you interested in the show?
Todd: This was one of the shows that was sort of presented to me, it was literally a no-brainer. I kind of said yes within a week.
And you've got an awesome cast! Had you crossed paths with any of your co-stars beforehand?
Todd: Yes, I'd met Robert Mammone, Deborah Mailman, Marny Kennedy -- I've funnily enough done two or three series with but never the same scene!
You've played a cop before, and now again in Bite Club, is that an area you're particularly interested in?
Todd: Yeah, totally. My brother and I growing up were both always interested in [the police force]. I have a couple of friends who are in the police force and military.
I think there's a psychological interest in why they do their job, the sacrifices they make, the pressure they're under, the environment that they have to deal with, the situations, and also how they kind of deal with those things moment to moment, too.

What sort of research did you do for the show? Did you speak with any shark attack survivors in preparation?
Todd: I read Paul De Gelder's book, No Time For Fear, he's a shark attack survivor and a navy diver. He was was attacked in Sydney Harbour a few years back. by a bull shark. It was traumatic just to read about it, but he's come back, he's super fit and an inspiring guy.
Your character has a hard-time coming back from his shark attack...
Todd: He hasn't been in the water for three years since the shark attack. So obviously he's really not dealing with his trauma, and to see how that resonates with other parts of his personality, the way he interacts and the way he deals with relationships.
Todd (right) in his Home and Away days with Lincoln Lewis.
What's been the attention like in regards to The Vampire Diaries fans?
Todd: They're hard-core, they're full-on! They're engaged, which is great. I've done a couple of convention things here, and they're another level, but it's great.
You're based in the states, but you come back to Australia for jobs. Does your family travel with you?
Todd: Every time. 100%. I couldn't do it without them, now. Of course I just miss them way too much, and also it's that beautiful thing we get to share together and experience a different part of the world. My daughter Charlie had already done five flights to Australia before she was two!
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