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Bindi Irwin shows Chandler Powell the ropes at Australia Zoo

The next generation of crocodile hunters are here!

Crikey, they're brave!
The future of Australia Zoo is in safe hands with Bindi Irwin keeping her late father Steve Irwin's passion alive.
And the 18-year-old has even recruited an eager rookie to teach the trade to - her wakeboader boyfriend Chandler Powell, 19.
WATCH: Bindi and Chandler give their first joint interview in the player above!
Watching on intently, Chandler seems to be an eager student. (Pic/Coleman-Rayner)
The 19-year-old played it safe with a small croc. (Pic/Coleman-Rayner)
And Bindi seemed pretty impressed by her boyfriend's efforts. (Pic/Coleman-Rayner)
Chandler might not be ready for the large crocs just yet but he's certainly showing promise. (Pic/Coleman-Rayner)
In a new joint interview with ET, Bindi revealed that when she first saw her man don the famous khaki uniform, she knew he was a keeper.
"It's this really big thing for me. It was kind of one of those moments that was a real defining moment for me, because you know, it's only the people who are the closest to us that get their khakis," she mused to ET.
"So it was kind of like, this really big step. I love seeing you in khaki now. It makes me so happy. The very first place you got to wear your khakis was on the croc trip. It was a cool way to break in your khakis," the star reflected.
"Yeah, that was incredible. Last month, we were up in far north Queensland on the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve, and we spent a whole month just catching crocodiles in the wild," Chandler added.
When it comes to the big crocs, 18-year-old Bindi is a seasoned pro! (Pic/Coleman-Rayner)
Fearless Bindi threw a whole chunk of chicken 
into the croc's mouth. (Pic/Coleman-Rayner)
Bindi and Chandler have been dating since 2013. (Pic/Coleman-Rayner)
And the star has been sharing her passion for wildlife with Chandler ever since they met! (Pic/Coleman-Rayner)
Just like her parents Steve and Terri did years before her, Bindi and Chandler seem to have the ultimate dynamic when it comes to working together.
The pair, who have been dating since 2013, put on an entertaining show with the crocs at the family-run zoo in Queensland recently.
While Australia’s favourite wildlife princess lobbed a whole chicken 
into the mouth of a fully grown croc, Chandler played it safe with 
a baby reptile.
“Honoured to go through ‘Croc School’ here at Australia Zoo. Definitely starting small... but growing up in Florida with gators has trained me well!” The American native penned on Instagram, alongside a pic.
If that’s not true love, we don’t know what is!
The look on someone's face when a big croc is nearby! (Pic/Coleman-Rayner)
The bravery gene runs strong in the Irwin family. (Pic/Coleman-Rayner)
Meanwhile Bindi recently spoke marriage and her hopes for the future with Entertainment Tonight, reveling she'd love to settle down eventually.
"I don't think I'm at a point in my life where marriage and getting engaged is really a huge priority right now for me," the star explained.
"Maybe in five years, but right now I'm really happy with where I'm at."
"I'm really happy with our relationship and I think we'll just continue to have fun. It's just nice to have someone there no matter what."

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