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Another baby? There might be happy news behind Bindi's social media hiatus earlier this month

Is this the REAL reason why Bindi went quiet!?

By Woman's Day team
When Bindi Irwin announced on June 21 that she was bowing out of the spotlight and taking a break from social media, speculation was rife that the star was struggling.
But sources say there's actually happy news behind her hiatus – the 22-year-old is pregnant again, just months after welcoming daughter Grace Warrior!
"Bindi and Chandler knew from the get-go that they wanted a bunch of kids and they feel there's no reason to wait," says a source of the conservationist, who gave birth to her first child with husband Chandler Powell, 24, on March 25.
According to the Irwin family insider, the couple – who wed in March 2020 and have always talked about having a big family – have already told their nearest and dearest, including Bindi's mum Terri, 56, and her brother Robert, 17, and everyone is "thrilled."
And no one more so than Bindi!
"She's so happy," says the source of the star, who is reportedly "walking on air."
But it seems Bindi isn't quite ready to share her pregnancy news with the rest of the world just yet.
While it was first believed her self-imposed social media silence was a response to the backlash she received after opening up 
about her feud with grandfather Bob Irwin, 82, in June, now some are wondering if she's actually been trying to hide her pregnancy!
Bindi shared this sweet snap of daughter Grace after time away from social media Instagram
Stepping away has also given the new mum much-needed bonding time with her baby girl.
"Bindi hates being separated from Grace," adds the insider 
of the animal activist, who struggles leaving her little 
girl's side to tend to matters at the family business, Australia Zoo, on Queensland's Sunshine Coast.
It's no wonder then that another source tells Woman's Day Bindi's considering a more permanent break from zoo life.
The couple have always talked 
about having 
a big family. Instagram
"Bindi has had this yearning to live in Oregon for a few years," explains the insider.
"It's quiet, peaceful, no one would bother her there and she could live a normal life. She has two aunts and an uncle in Oregon, and her mum grew up there and has taken them there almost every year since they were little. Bindi can't believe she didn't come up with the idea before."
According to the insider, Bindi's extra keen as the move would give Grace the chance to bond with her paternal family too, who are based in Florida.
"It has the added benefit of only being a coast-to-coast flight for Chandler's parents, who deserve to know Grace," says the source.
"Chandler wants his daughter to have dual citizenship, and living in America would help that along. It ticks a lot of boxes."
Bindi is keen 
to move to the States so she 
can be close to Chandler's family. Instagram
Meanwhile, another source says blissed-out Bindi's convinced she's having a boy this time around.
"With Grace, she was a little more tired and was craving sweets instead of savoury," says the insider.
And if Bindi's instinct is correct, she's reportedly keen to honour her late dad Steve when it comes to naming her little boy.
"Bindi always said if she had a son, she would name him Steve," says a source of the star, who also paid tribute to her late father with daughter Grace's middle names, Warrior Irwin.
"Chandler understands 
how much this means to her, and he's very proud to honour the beloved conservationist's namesake and carry on the legacy."
Taking to Instagram last week, Bindi shared a series of joyful photos of her daughter Grace, including some loved-up family shots.
"A collection of my favourite moments this month," she captioned the post.
"Our beautiful angel has started giggling all the time and absolutely loves nature walks, looking for wildlife with us," she said.

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