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A chihuahua enclosure and hungry snakes! How Paris Hilton and the Irwin family got together for an iconic Uber Eats ad

''That’s so crikey.''

By Faye Couros
When Uber Eats dropped its newest campaign set at Australia Zoo, fans of the Irwin family were smitten to see their beloved khaki clan on their screens.
But then, to everyone's surprise, another loved international darling, Paris Hilton, appeared in a Chihuahua enclosure.
The short ad begins with Bindi ordering veggie parmies and chippies while hosting a crocodile show. Robert and Terri then follow her lead and introduce the animals at the zoo.
WATCH: The Irwin family and Paris Hilton for Uber Eats.
Everything looks as expected from the famous conservationists until they introduce their "new zookeeper" and her enclosure filled with Chihuahuas.
And the new zoo worker is none other than Paris Hilton!
The former reality star looks pretty in pink as she introduces her station at the zoo.
However, hilarity ensues when Terri tells her, "Crikey, Paris. This is where we keep the snakes."
The surprise crossover was a hit with fans. (Image: Instagram)
"That is so crikey," replies Paris before the camera reveals a snake has swallowed one of the dogs.
In another ad, the DJ is enjoying a shell-shaped pool floating before it's revealed she is hanging out in the crocodile enclosure.
"Tonight, I'll be eating kingfish ceviche with my zoo fam," she says before asking the family, "You guys want some?"
And it would have been a generous question from her if Rob wasn't so busy holding a piece of meat near a crocodile.
"A bit busy, Paris," he replies.
"A bit busy, Paris." (Image: Instagram)
"Fine, more for me," she quips.
A statement released by Uber and Paris reveals the collaboration came about through the reality star's long-standing appreciation of the Irwins.
"The Irwins have become my ZFFs - they're my zoo fam forever. It was so much fun filming these segments with them," she said. "I really hope the audience finds the commercials as joyful as I found filming them!"
"The Irwins have become my ZFFs." (Image: Instagram)
Even though Paris and Irwin fans may not have a lot in common, the reviews are in, and it's a hit!
Underneath Bindi's Instagram post dedicated to the ad, which she captioned, "Our new zookeeper has some interesting ideas… Tonight, I'll be eating @ubereats_aus with @parishilton. Crikey," her followers went wild.
One celebrated, "😂😂😂😂 I saw this last night and cracked up, my favourite Uber eats ad yet!! ❤️," another wrote, "This is the greatest crossover episode ever."
"This is so chaotic, I love it. 😂❤️," raved another.