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Bindi Irwin forced to superglue toenails back on

The young star is training so hard, she’s ripping her feet to shreds

Bindi Irwin is having a dream run on America’s Dancing with the Stars, consistently wowing audiences and judges alike.
But the 17-year-old’s seemingly-flawless moves are coming at a cost – after hours and hours training, Bindi’s toenails are falling off!
In rehearsal footage aired before her latest performance, Bindi explained she’s been having to Super Glue her toenails back on, and admitted she’s had a little help from boyfriend Chandler Powell.
“He was the only one before tonight who had ever really seen my feet, except for my mum, and the poor dear, he was having to help me Super Glue and bandage them,” Bindi told FOX4111.
“It was extreme dedication. Lucky he’s into wakeboarding! He has injuries, too.”
Bindi also admitted her feet are covered in calluses, and that each night she has to cut skin off her feet. “You know when you get a hangnail? Think about tearing a hangnail but dancing on top of it.”
But with Epsom salts and lots of ice, Bindi is pushing through. And judging by the way she’s performing, will dance her way into the finals!

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