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Bindi Irwin's touching new fight to save dad's legacy

'I’ll never give up on ensuring this legislation is revoked'

By Tiffany Dunk
Bindi Irwin is begging the Queensland Government to reconsider their decision to pass legislation which allows for crocodile egg harvesting in her home state.
Namechecking her father, Steve Irwin, the 20-year old wildlife warrior urges her followers to sign a petition to help reverse the legislation and protect the species her dad had spent years protecting.
"I am absolutely devastated that legislation has been passed to take 5,000 vulnerable crocodile eggs from the wild every year," an emotional Bindi posted on Instagram.

"These beautiful hatchlings will be used to turn into boots, bags and belts," Bindi wrote.
'The saltwater crocodile numbers are under severe pressure in Queensland. Our decades long research with the University of Queensland indicates that it would be devastating to the crocodile population to take their babies. I watched my dad fight for years to protect these important modern day dinosaurs. I'll never give up on ensuring this legislation is revoked."
Bindi is not the only Irwin calling for an urgent change.
Mum Terri has also added her voice to the issue with a press release from Australia Zoo reminding Australians that "Queensland's saltwater crocodiles, Crocodylus porosus, are listed under the same category as koalas under the Government's own Nature Conservation act; both are listed under the category of 'Vulnerable'."
The Irwin family wants to fight the legislation in order to continue her late father's legacy. (Image: Instagram)
"The Queensland State Government is destroying the future generations of an apex predator by allowing the removal of eggs from nests in our most pristine, wild environments," says Terri in the release.
"Australia Zoo has made numerous representations to the State Government providing scientific evidence of the detrimental impacts of crocodile egg harvesting. The science has been ignored."
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It's not the first time nor, we're sure, will it be the last that Steve's family – Terri, Bindi and son Robert Irwin – have publicly rallied to protect the work their beloved husband and dad spent his life toiling on.
"I think Steve would be very proud of both Bindi and Robert and the way they tackle the world," Terri tells The Weekly in this month's edition.
"I know I'm proud of them and I'm sure he would be too."
To sign the petition visit: https://www.australiazoo.com.au/petition/

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