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EXCLUSIVE: Chandler Powell's uncle opens up about Bindi Irwin joining the family

''I'm excited to get to call her family.''

As the Irwins count down the days until Bindi's nuptials, the groom's American family are equally as excited.
Talking exclusively to Woman's Day from his home in Orlando, Florida, Chandler's uncle Paul Clayton, 38, says, "Bindi is one of the most down-to-earth, transparent and truly caring people I have ever had the opportunity to meet. I'm excited to get to call her family."
The Irwins and Powells enjoy each other's company. (Image: Instagram @imchrispowell)
Paul reveals he's not sure if the nuptials will take place at Australia Zoo or somewhere in the US, like Terri's native Oregon – where she married Bindi's late dad Steve.
"We're hoping, but we'll see," Paul says of a US ceremony. "Whatever happens, I hope we'll be able to attend."
WATCH: Bindi Irwin shows Chandler Powell the ropes at Australia Zoo. Post continues after video...
It should be the happiest time of his life, but when Bindi Irwin's grandad Bob found out she was engaged, he was completely gutted, knowing he would never have the chance to walk her down the aisle.
"Terri and Bob would have to come a long way with their relationship for that to happen" one of Bob's close friends tells Woman's Day. "He would give anything to stand proudly at her side, but the reality is he probably won't even get an invitation.
"The situation with his grandchildren is so cruel... the years are flying by with no contact from either Bindi or younger brother Robert."
With Terri also resisting any contact with Bob, 80, after years of being entangled in a bitter feud with her father-in-law, it remains to be seen if Bindi will find the courage to invite her grandad to the wedding.
Steve's dad Bob is not in contact with either of his grandchildren. (Image: Getty Images)
Bindi and Chandler met in 2013, when the champion wakeboarder from central Florida turned up for a tour of Australia Zoo in Beerwah, Queensland – which was guided personally by a then-15-year-old Bindi.
The pair fell in love at first sight, and after a long-distance relationship, Chandler moved in with the Irwins at Australia Zoo.
Now, all the attention is turning to the couple's wedding – which is bound to be a spectacular affair, and not too far in the future.
"Bindi and Chandler's attitude is, 'Why wait, when it's forever?' an insider previously told Woman's Day. "They want to travel and then start a family, so planning is in full swing."

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