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Beyoncé and Jay Z “had given up” trying to conceive again

Queen Bey’s pregnancy announcement broke the internet with utter joy… but there was a time when the pop star thought she may never fall pregnant again.

By Candice Mehta-Culjak
On Wednesday, February 1, Beyoncé announced the ah-mazing news that she was pregnant with not one but TWO bey-bey’s.
But according to US Weekly, a source close to the 35-year-old says she had all but “given up" trying to get pregnant before learning of the happy news.
Beyoncé, who shares 5-year-old daughter Blue Ivy with her hubby, Jay Z, "had been trying and trying to conceive," says the insider.
They added that the duo were "frustrated" after a series of unsuccessful IVF treatments, which is when they began to look “into surrogates and adoption."
Thankfully, the world was blessed with two more little ones ready to get in formation, with US Weekly’s source saying of the pair’s most recent attempt: “out of nowhere, it stuck!”
And it seems Beyoncé and Jay Z aren’t the only ones “over the moon” with their impending arrivals...
According to the insider, even little Blue is delightedly awaiting the birth of her younger siblings: "She was asking about another baby forever. Now she gets two!"
After Bey announced that she was pregnant with twins, she decided to share even more snaps from the stunning pregnancy shoot. Even Blue made a cameo!
Shot by Los Angeles-based photographer Awol Erizku, the unique (and sometimes even underwater) photos were to symbolise new life.
She stripped down to her lingerie to show off her bump.
She also posed on top of a car full of flowers. Because, why not?
We have no doubt the epic shoot will go down in history.
The “Halo” hitmaker revealed her pregnancy with a stunning picture of herself (and her burgeoning belly) as she kneels in a scene plunked straight from the mind of Alice In Wonderland author, Lewis Carroll.
For the epic occasion, Queen Bey chose to wear a maroon-and-pink bra from Agent Provocateur and light-blue frilly Liviara undies for the stunning (and oh so floral) announcement.
But is telling colour scheme a coincidence? We think not!
If you ask us, there might be more to this incredible announcement than meets the eye - we’re hazarding a guess that everybody's favourite singer Bey will soon welcome a boy AND a girl into the world!

Captioning the photo, Queen Bey wrote, “We would like to share our love and happiness. We have been blessed two times over. We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two, and we thank you for your well wishes. - The Carters”
The Instagram post, which now has over ten million likes, quickly broke the record for most-liked photo in the history of Instagram just hours after it was uploaded - a record previously held by Selena Gomez.
We can’t wait to hear more from the impending family-of-five!