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EXCLUSIVE: Locky, who? Former Bachelor star Bella Varelis reveals she's ready to take the next step with boyfriend Will Stokoe

''We have known each other for years.''

By Faye Couros
She may have had her heart broken by Locky Gilbert during her season of The Bachelor, but now Bella Varelis has found love with her photographer boyfriend, Will Stokoe.
After becoming Instagram official earlier this year, the former reality star is smitten, and she exclusively tells TV WEEK that they're ready to take the next steps.
When asked if they have any plans to get engaged, the brunette beauty coyly says, "I don't know, maybe, that might be a question for him, but yeah, definitely one day."
"We live in the same building funny enough, so we kind of get the best of both worlds." Instagram
Although they're creating together, the pair don't live with each other, but Bella shares that it's on the cards.
"Definitely! I think so, we live in the same building funny enough, so we kind of get the best of both worlds," she says.
Will accompanied girlfriend Bella to Shein's first fashion show in Australia, marking their first event as business partners.
The stylish pair have been working on a fashion label together, which they have recently shot a campaign for, so, while Will is yet to put a ring on it, they are joined at the hip professionally to bring out each other's best work.
Their relationship may seem like it's moving fast, but Bella and Will have actually "known each other for years" and first met through mutual friends at a bar on Australia Day.
Will we see Bella on more reality shows? Instagram
Former contestants often swim in the same social circles, but Bella reveals she decided to step away from the reality TV world to create her own space.
When asked who her closest friend from the Bachiverse is, she answers, "I kind of removed myself from all of that.
"I got my own thing going now, and I think the best thing to do is create your own aura, create your own life and your own friends.
"So, I guess I thought it was best to surround myself with people who are more like-minded."

However, despite stepping out from the group, she is keen to try out other reality shows like Dancing With The Stars or I'm a Celeb… Get Me Out Of Here.
"There are a couple of things in the works, so yeah," she says.
After our chat, Bella debuted her hair transformation on Instagram by posting a reel of her long locks before cutting the clip to show off her blunt bob.
Her post-Shein look is perfect for summer, and perhaps it hints at more change to come.

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