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Bella Cruise has subtly been sending messages of support to her mum Nicole Kidman on a very public forum

The star gets a surprise message of support from her daughter.

By Woman's Day team
For her entire adult life, Bella Cruise has looked upon her own mother Nicole Kidman with barely disguised disdain.
Only a few years ago, she is thought to have described Nicole as a "f**king SP" – a Suppressive Person – a label given to people who either leave or speak out against the Church of Scientology, of which Bella is a devoted follower, like her dad, actor Tom Cruise.
Now, aged 27 and living in London, it appears Bella has reached out to her 53-year-old Aussie actress mum, who is currently filming Nine Perfect Strangers in Byron Bay, NSW.
"All of a sudden, a few weeks ago, Bella started liking Nicole's Instagram photos," says a source.
"Don't get me wrong, Nicole is pleased, but it's come a little out of the blue, given they've barely spoken since Bella was eight."
This comes after Bella launched an Instagram account last year to promote her T-shirt line, using both Nicole and dad Tom Cruise's surnames.
The budding designer has hardly spoken to her mum in recent years. (Instagram)
A hairdresser by trade with a passion for design, Bella lives in London with her husband, Max Parker.
Her 25-year-old brother, Florida-based Connor, is in close contact with the couple.
"The kids chose Tom when he divorced Nicole," says a source.
"Their faith in Scientology was stronger than their bond with their adoptive mother, and Nicole eventually came to terms with the fact that their relationship would be limited to a couple of phone calls a year, if that.
Bella has taken to liking a string of Nicole's social media posts, sparking hopes of a reconciliation Image: Instagram
"But now, Bella's made a different kind of contact and Nicole has a glimmer of hope about what it all could mean.
"She won't chase Bella – she learned not to do that a long time ago, but she's hoping now Bella's all grown up she's realised she needs her mum."

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