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Pregnant Bec Judd’s fierce warning to paparazzo who ‘crossed the line’

Silly pap, don’t you know not to mess with a pregnant mama bear?

Rebecca Judd isn’t afraid of having her picture taken but she is furious when un-invited photographers trespass onto private property to take snaps of her and her family – and rightly so.
The 33-year-old the Chanel 9 presenter, who is pregnant with twins, issued a strong warning to one paparazzi who allegedly crossed the line when they trespassed onto private property to take a snap of her with her family.
On Tuesday the soon to be mother of four took to Instagram to shame the pap with her 523,000 followers and pen a caution to others who might want to follow suit.

Bec, who is married to AFL great Chris Judd, wrote:
“Hey paparazzo- why are you in such a hurry to leave? Oh because you and I both know it's illegal to sneak onto somebody's private property without their permission, take pictures of them and sell them for commercial gain.
“I know we are fair game in public places but trespassing on our private property is crossing the line.”
She then fiercely ended the note with: “First and final warning.”
In less than a day the post has been liked more than 11 thousand times and the weather presenter was praised with messages.
“You go girl,” wrote one fan.
“Oh no that's not on at all, please report them, they need to know it’s not on…” said another.
Silly pap, don’t you know not to mess with a pregnant mama?

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