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Bec Judd threw the wildest Coachella-themed housewarming, and the pictures need to be seen to be believed

This is next level.

By Jess Pullar
There's going all out, and then there's really going all out - and Bec Judd's recent housewarming definitely falls into the latter of the two categories.
Yep, the famed mum-of-four from Melbourne has literally just outshone any and every housewarming we've ever been to by transforming her newly renovated home into a full blown festival site.
Based on renowned Californian music festival Coachella, Bec turned her $7 million Brighton home into a grounds for the ultimate party.
With a flower adorned entrance emblazoned with the words "Juddchella", Bec decorated the place with various bars, DJ stages, a bunch of flower and cactus arrangements and even a spot for tarot readings.
Suffice to say she officially nailed the theme.

Clearly chuffed with her work, Bec shared a number of images to her Instagram page to share the wild event with her 879,000 following.
"#Juddchella spam coming in strong. Thanks everyone for coming and also to our amazing party planners, performers and suppliers. It was EPIC," Bec wrote on Instagram alongside a series of images featuring herself and husband Chris Judd, a renowned Australian Rules player, in their family home.

For the big event, Bec looked striking as per usual in an incredible pink printed festival ensemble, which featured a colourful bra and sleeves along with some pink hot pants adorned with a floaty multi-coloured skirt.
For her makeup, the influencer went all out, emblazoning her eyes with bright jewels and adding some multi-coloured streaks to her hair.
Guess that's one way to fit the festival brief.
Bec's makeup look was full-festival glam. (Instagram / @becjudd)
The Aussie interiors expert also invited a slew of her well-known pals, including Nadia Bartel, Jessie Murphy and Lana Wilkinson.
Nadia, whose recent split from husband Jimmy Bartel made headlines, looked absolutely stunning in a bejwelled bra and hot pants ensemble.
Like Bec, she also rocked some major festival makeup, decorating her face with bright jewels.
Clearly feeling sentimental, Nadia shared some of her own outfit pics to Instagram, captioning one: "Doesn't matter what's happening in your life- if you are struggling, stressed or sad, it can be hard to leave the house but sometimes there is nothing better for the soul than a little boogie with friends for a few hours."
Nadia looked stunning in a bejewelled get-up. (Instagram / @nadiabartel)
Bec's friends were the epitome of festival chic, with Jessie Murphy (AKA C'est Vogue) wearing a mini white dress and over-the-knee boots, while Lana wore a tassled beige mini dress and cowboy boots.
Their looks were particularly reminiscent of what they each wore earlier in the year to the real deal.
Yep, the very same bunch attended the actual Coachella festival back in April.
Practice must make perfect!
Lana Wilkinson shared a snap of her girl gang at Bec's over the weekend. (Instagram / @lanawilkinson)
And you'll notice a few familiar faces from this snap taken at the real Coachella festival back in April. (Instagram / @lanawilkinson)
Bec has been busy transforming the new home, which she has previously labelled as her "forever home", over the past few months, and it seems that all her work really paid off in time for the event on Saturday.
If there was ever a way to quite literally warm up a home, this would definitely be it!
Bec has officially warmed her new home in style. (Instagram / @becjudd)

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