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The brutal way Bec Judd cuts friends out of her life

Damn, this is COLD!

By Erin Doyle
Ever lost touch with people who you were once close with and were left scratching your head as to why?
Well, spare a thought for pals of radio and TV personality Rebecca Judd and her AFL star husband Chris, who have just revealed they cut people out of their lives in the most brutal way possible.
Spilling the beans to KIIS 101.1's Jase & PJ, Bec admitted that she purposely freezes people out of her world – and has no regrets.
"I think if someone's a bad influence, I think you've got to get rid of them," Bec said.
"But I would never actually say something to someone, I'd never actually break up with them. I would just do the complete ignore. Totally ignore. I've done it before. And so has my husband. So when they email and they text when they DM, we just do not get back to them. Cut them off!"
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Chris and Bec Judd cut friends out of their lives by simply ignoring them. Image: Getty
However, this method does have its drawbacks, according to the mum-of-four.
"The bad thing is when you run into them, you're like 'hiii!'" Bec divulged.
"It is so awkward and you just feel like inside, you're just cringing. You just want to disappear. But that happens quite a bit because we cut off a lot of people. And then you see them at the park!"
Bec added that the reason she cuts people off by ignoring them is that she just likes to avoid the drama that comes with a friendship breakup.
"I don't like conflict! I'm like the silent assassin," she laughed.
Ouch! Is it just us or do we think a lot of her friends might now be double-checking if their last text to Bec ever got a reply?
"I'm like the silent assassin!" Bec admitted. Image: @becjudd/Instagram

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