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Bec Judd admits that Chris can't tell their newborn twins apart

They say mums know best, and that's certainly the case for Bec Judd!

By Chloe Lal
The Aussie beauty, who welcomed twin sons in September, has confessed that her hubby hasn't quite got the hang of telling his boys apart.
Sharing a darling snap of Tom and Darcy Judd, the presenter revealed a fascinating insight into how she tells her bubs apart.
"Yes, identical, but I can totes tell them apart. Different shaped heads, different hairlines, a stork bite on opposite eyelids, Darcy's nose is slightly more turned up," the 33-year-old penned next to a new photo of her bubs.
"Plus, their personalities are totally different (phew! I was worried they'd be the same too)."
Clearly chuffed by her skills, Bec went on to joke that her husband wasn't as up to speed.
"Don't worry boys, mum's got her crap together, your father on the other hand," Bec teased.
Can you tell the difference?
Fingers crossed Chris figures out who's who soon!
Bec and Chris are already parents to five-year-old son Oscar and two-year-old daughter Billie.
Despite only just giving birth, Bec has already snapped back into shape, showing off her form during at Oaks Day in Melbourne last week.
While she may look incredible, the mum-of-four has faced criticism from online body bullies.
Taking to Instagram, the TV presenter shut down critics in an honest post.
Bec says she consulted her doctor before returning to the gym.
"A HUGE shout out to Shira Kramer and her team of women's health physiotherapists at @beactivephysio for keeping me fit and strong during my pregnancy (all 3 of my pregnancies actually)," she captioned an image of herself mid-workout.
"I did clinical Pilates and pre-natal exercise classes 2-3 times a week and credit them with the fact that I'm feeling great, have a strong core, minimal ab separation despite measuring 47 weeks the day I delivered the twins (!!!) and have recovered well."
"Thanks for the visit today Shira and I promise not to bump up the reformer resistance or go fast on the spin bike when you're not here keeping watch!"
And she had this message for anyone who had a negative opinion, "ps. And yes, of course we checked with obstetrician first."

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