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Bec Hewitt’s shock phone call and Lleyton’s strip club scandal

Bec Hewitt was furious to hear that hubby Lleyton had been out in a red-light district.

Bec Hewitt was furious to hear that hubby Lleyton had been out in a red-light district.
Bec Hewitt has long since reconciled herself to accepting husband Lleyton’s long absences on the circuit… but she never expected to see him outside a strip club.
“Bec would’ve been very cranky,” confirms one close friend. Shocked at Lleyton’s wild night out in Europe last week, the pal reveals Lleyton would’ve dreaded making the phone call to his wife to explain his exploits.
“Bec isn’t the jealous type, but this will make her see red!”
Dad-of-three Lleyton, who turned 34 on February 24, hit the red-light district in the Czech Republic city of Ostrava with rising tennis star Bernard Tomic to celebrate Australia’s Davis Cup win, while Bec was at home in Melbourne with the kids Mia, 9, Cruz, 6, and Ava, 4.
“Lleyton has never before given her any cause to worry, but she’s been feeling left out for months, wanting him to listen to her,” says our insider.
It’s no secret Bec, 31, has been pinning her hopes of a fourth baby and a return to Australia on Lleyton’s retirement from tennis, but could be gearing herself up for more disappointment.
“Retirement was supposed to mean Lleyton slowing down. Instead it seems like he’s letting loose and getting busier with the guys… and they have their own language Bec doesn’t understand.”
Lleyton is widely expected to retire from playing later this year ahead of formally becoming Australia’s Davis Cup captain, a new role that will see him spend even more time apart from Bec.
“She’s been the dutiful wife for years, but knows she’s going to be again left waiting on the sidelines while Leyton moves on,” a close tennis connection reveals.
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