Kaia Gerber channels her model mum Cindy Crawford

Now those are some good genes!

Kaia Gerber stepped out last night with her supermodel mum, Cindy Crawford, to attend the launch of the H&M x Balmain collection, and she certainly turned some heads.
But it wasn't just because of her stunning dress!
The 14-year-old, who has recently embarked on a modeling career of her own, looked like the spitting image of her mum!
Both sporting glossy brown hair, big brown legs and, of course, some mile-high legs, it was almost a task to tell the two apart.
Speaking recently to E! News, Cindy revealed that the youngster is definitely following in her model footsteps.
"They see so much on Instagram, so yes, she’s interested in fashion, loves Kendall Jenner," she told E!, "So she’s gotten a few opportunities to do little modelling things, and at least in this area of her life she’ll take my advice. I’m happy that she loves doing it in little bits and pieces."

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