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Bec and George: Meet our little man Archie!

The reno stars are smitten.

When her newborn son was placed gently on her chest for a first cuddle, former The Block contestant Bec Douros was overcome with an emotion she’d never felt before.
“There are no words to describe the feelings you have when you see your child for the first time,” Bec, 29, explained to Woman’s Day.
“It was instant love and fascination – I couldn’t stop touching his hands and his hair.”
Right on cue, six-week-old Archie lets out a tiny cry to show he’s now the star of the show. And as doting dad George scoops up his little man and plants gentle kisses on his cheek, it’s clear the pair have settled into parenthood with ease.
Bec and George, who were fan favourites on The Block Sky High in 2013, were thrilled to welcome their son into the world after suffering a devastating miscarriage in 2012.
“You can’t help but instantly fall in love,” explained George, 31. “He’s just perfect.”
After Bec suffered a miscarriage in 2012, the couple couldn’t be happier to welcome their baby boy eight weeks before Christmas on October 30.
To find out more about Bec and George's little man, plus to read about Bec's dramatic 18-hour labour be sure to pick up a copy of the latest issue of Woman's Day, on sale now!

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