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Barnaby Joyce and Vikki Campion are expecting their second child

The former Nationals leader let slip the big news with plenty of details - including their front-runner name!

By Jess Pullar
It would be safe to say 2018 was a big year for Barnaby Joyce, but 2019 may well be even bigger.
The former Nationals leader is expecting his second child with partner Vikki Campion, to whom he has another son, Sebastian.
On Sunday, January 20, Seven News broadcast footage of Joyce revealing the news, even telling guests the gender and name of his family's new addition.
Watch the moment in the player above.
Barnaby Joyce and Vikki Campion are expecting their second child together. (Image: Sunday Night)
"We are actually having another child, called Tom, so there you go," he said at a fundraiser during the afternoon.
It is believed Vikki is due in June, with the new baby set to be named after Barnaby's grandfather.
Joyce's former colleagues have already shared their congratulations with the expecting parents.
Michael McCormack, leader of the Nationals said: "Congratulations to Barnaby and Vikki, I've messaged him this morning to say congratulations."
Opposition leader Bill Shorten also shared his best wishes: "Whenever a child's to be born it's good news," he said.
WATCH: Vikki Campion, Barnaby Joyce and Sebastian Joyce pose for their first family photo. Story continues...
In February last year, Joyce resigned as deputy Prime Minister when his relationship with Campion was revealed, which eventuated in Joyce's divorce from his wife Natalie.
Joyce has four daughters with Natalie, Bridgette, Julia, Caroline, and Odette, who are all in their mid-teens - early twenties.
Joyce and Campion's first child, Sebastian, was born in April last year. And while the road to his birth was fraught with revelations in the media about his parents affair, it was all worth it.
"That child was forged in the fires, he's going to be tough. He has to be tough. And I think that our relationship has only gotten stronger," proud mum Vikki told Sunday Night.
The pair, who affectionately call their son "Seb" for short, were previously told Vikki wouldn't be able to conceive children, so was surprised when she first learnt of her pregnancy.
"My mum she calls [Sebastian] miracle baby because that's really what he was. I'm really grateful for what we've got," the former communications staffer revealed.
The couple's first child, Sebastian, will be "tough" due to the circumstances around his arrival, according to his parents. (Image: Sunday Night)
Joyce has even gone so far as to tour his son around parliament.
"I just walk around and look at Sebastian. You're so lucky. I don't want to sound saccharine... It's such a blessing, you just look at these two blue eyes staring up at the blue sky and staring back at you, and you look at Sebastian and you think, boy! Man, you caused some problems," Barnaby told the program.
The couple, who pocketed a $150k pay cheque for the exclusive interview said they were putting it into a trust for their son, and the proceeds will go towards his education and health.
It remains to be seen as to how open Joyce and Campion will be about their new son, but if his announcement is anything to go by it seems Joyce couldn't be prouder about the prospect of becoming a father.
Joyce has even toured Sebastian around parliament! (Image: Sunday Night)

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