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Former Bardot star Katie Underwood shares the CREEPIEST fan story

“It’s not that kind of service.”

By Jacqui King
Katie Underwood, former member of Aussie girl group Bardot, has revealed she received a seriously “creepy” phone call from a longtime fan.
The singer-turned-masseuse opened up about the incident on Facebook, writing that she had to shut down a request for a naked massage.
The 41-year-old wrote the whole bizarre transcript of the conversation.
The man, who is unidentified, starting off by asking Underwood if she was “from that girl band, right? And you do massage now?”
Maintaining her professionalism, Underwood told him what the massage would entail and about the cost.
Things took a turn for the worst when the man said: “OK, yeah, you are a really sexy girl so I’d like to be massaged by you. Do I do it fully naked or do I keep my jocks on?”
Underwood was quick to shut it down and responded with: “You keep your underpants on. It’s not that kind of service.”
Apparently unsatisfied, the man finished off the call with, “Oh ok. I’ll have a think about that then.”
Underwood signed off the post by writing, "Yeah – you do that. Especially the part where you keep your pants on and don’t say ‘sexy’ and ‘massage’ in the same sentence. Ewww."
Katie was not impressed with this odd customer
The Bardot squad. L-R: Katie Underwood, Sally Polihronas, Sophie Monk, Tiffani Wood and Belinda Chapple
Underwood now runs a massage, reiki and sound therapy business in Melbourne – which we hope no more creepy fans will visit.
She had her time in the spotlight as one of five original members of Bardot, a girl group who won the Channel 7 reality series Popstars in 2000. Her famous band mate pal is Sophie Monk, who will appear as the next Bachelorette.
Being in a girl band means coordinating outfits, of course