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“Don’t audition for that group!” Chantelle Barry says she regrets her Popstar days

And she’s finally revealing how she really feels about Sophie Monk!

By Bella Brennan
You probably haven’t thought about Chantelle Barry since the year 2000.
But the former Bardot babe is back in on the radar thanks to who knows why (OK, maybe it has something to do with her former bandmate Sophie Monk becoming The Bachelorette and thus fuelling our sentimental appetite for all things Popstars again).
And on Wednesday the singer/actress appeared on The Morning Show to talk about her new movie and reflect on her girl band days.
When quizzed about why she really left the band, which was formed through a reality TV show 17 years ago, Chantelle explained: “I think I just really wanted to have closure. Australia just knows me for one thing but it's been almost two decades and I've done so much since that I just kind of wanted to put that to sleep."
"What is the truth about it?" Kylie Gillies questioned, before asking if she really stole $100 from Sophie Monk.
To which she replied: "It's in Woman's Day, so you can read it there!"
Hey, thanks for the shout-out Chantelle!
Now with years of industry experience under her belt, Chantelle says she never should have auditioned for Popstars.
"You can tell us a little bit," Larry probed.
"Oh come on! How much time do we have? I honestly think that if you want to just go and Google my name and read the stories. What I said to Woman's Day was the truth and I'd really love to move on to the next chapters of my life!"
"I did leave! I was given the option to stay in the group or leave and take a solo deal, which I did. And I recorded an EP with the Rockmelons. It was radio silence from everyone [after I left] so I was kind of done with!"
WATCH: Chantelle Barry reveals what happened when she bumped into Sophie Monk in LA. Post continues...
As for what she would tell her 19-year-old self, Chantelle had some wise words.
“Don’t audition for that group! You don’t want to be in a group, you want a solo deal,” she laughed.
Despite the fallout, Chantelle says it “gave me a really thick skin.”
Earlier in the month, the 37-year-old finally broke her silence on the Popstars scandal that has haunted her for years.
“In a moment of stupidity, being a teenager and thinking a pair of shoes was more important than the friendship I had with Sophie, I decided to keep her money for myself,” she told us.
The singer was just 19 when she a landed a role in the hugely successful Aussie band.
Management soon discovered what had happened and confronted Chantelle, who confessed.
“I remember Sophie saying, ‘It’s OK Chan, my best friend stole from me and I forgave her and we’re 
still friends, and I’ll forgive you, too’, I felt terrible,” Chantelle said.
In the following weeks, the story found its way to media and the ensuing furore was awful.
Not knowing how to handle it, Chantelle was assured she had a future as a solo artist. Popstar’s production company also offered her $1000 hush money, under the condition she left the band quickly when filming wrapped up.
Chantelle doesn't keep in touch with Sophie but they crossed paths in LA.
Looking back on the experience, she told The Morning Show how much she has matured since then.
“I’m obviously not a teenager anymore and try not to make stupid decisions and when I do, I own up to them very quickly! When you’re being silenced when you’re a teenager you think that’s your only option, I guess I’ll just do it but now I realise I have to do what makes me happy!”
She’s since gone on to enjoy a successful career in LA with roles on shows like 90210, Entourage and upcoming action TV show Ninjak vs The Valiant Universe.
But the star says she hasn’t followed what the other Bardot bandmates, including Katie Underwood, Belinda Chapple, Sally Polihronas and Sophie Monk, went on to do.
“Not really, to be honest. I mean obviously Sophie because she’s all over The Bachelorette and she’s a sweet girl," Chantelle explained.
“We ran into each other in LA during audtions and that kind of thing. It was actually really great! I heard her call my name, she’s got such a distinct voice! We hugged and caught up really briefly and went our own ways.”

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