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"Don't tell the First Lady:" The secret Barack Obama hid from Michelle during Buckingham Palace stay

A new novel penned by Barack's former national security advisor reveals some intriguing stories from The White House.

By Bettina Tyrrell
If there was ever a relationship to aspire to, it's the glorious love of Barack and Michelle Obama. The power-couple are the picture of solidarity and a recent revelation from a novel penned by Barack's former national security advisor, may just hint at the key to the couple's lasting love: keeping the odd secret from each other.
The book The World As It Is: A Memoir of the Obama White House by Ben Rhodes details the Obama's 2011 sleepover at Buckingham Palace. Rhodes recalls Barack's awe over spending time with the Queen and how he sweetly likens her to his dear grandmother, Toot. Rhodes also recalled how Barack tried to hide an unwelcome visitor from his wife during their Palace stay.
Barack and Michelle were invited to stay the night at Buckingham Palace in 2011 after attending a state dinner with the Queen.
"I really love the queen," then-President Obama told Rhodes, according to the book.
"She's just like Toot, my grandmother. Courteous. Straightforward. All about what she thinks. She doesn't suffer fools."
'Your Majesty, please don't tell Michelle!'
Barack and Michelle were guests at the palace after attending a state dinner at the Queen's residence. The couple's visit to the palace was a deemed a success, despite a surprise intrusion of a rodent in their room, which Barrack was reportedly keen to keep a secret from his wife.
According to the book, the president was in his room rehearsing his speech with his aides as the first lady was in another room getting ready to sleep when, suddenly, a butler appeared.
"Mr. President, pardon me," the butler reportedly said. "There's a mouse."
Barack replied, "Don't tell the first lady."
"We'll try to catch it, sir."
"Just don't tell the First Lady," Barack repeated, according to the book.
The Obamas have made many trips to meet the royals. In 2016, Barack and Michelle dined with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at Kensington Palace's 1A Apartment in London, where they met the adorable Prince George.
It seems Michelle was none the wiser to the mouse in their room, as she has previously called her stay at the historic palace "a highlight" in her time as The First Lady.
Speaking with The Late Show host Stephen Colbert, Michelle said the chefs at Buckingham Palace can cook-up a mean midnight snack.
"I do remember ordering some fries," she said. "They were good. They have good fries at the palace."
We're sure those pesky palace mice enjoy the fries too, when they're not dodging the chase of the corgis!