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Bachie Cam defends Matty J: "He doesn't have a crazy sex past"

Bachelorette star Cam Cranley defends Matty J after former lover spills his Tinder secrets, "She broke his trust."

In the wake of scandal surrounding Matty Johnson's sex life, a familiar old friend has spoken out in defense of Australia’s new Bachelor – and the women who decided to kiss and tell.

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"I think that if you were to dig up dirt on any one of us guys that it could be in some ways wild," Matty’s former Bachelorette love rival, Cam Cranley told OK! after women phoned into the Kyle & Jackie O radio show to spill on their sexcapades with the 29-year-old.

One caller, Carly, revealed a Tinder conversation she had with Matty, where he compliments her on her "amazing p-ssy."

Cam laughed, saying, "I’m not privy to the beautiful p-ssy side of Matty and I’m quite happy about that."

Adding, "I’m not exactly happy that someone has come forward and said that because that was obviously said in private and she’s broken his trust a lot by doing that. It’s not fair. I guess it’s one of the drawbacks of the life that he does have now. I’m a little disappointed with that. I don’t think that he has a wild, crazy sex past, I think that he has a normal past like any of the guys in Australia right now have."

Now, life after Carly couldn’t be more exciting for the handsome Mr Johnson, who’s busy dating his way to The One. So what sort of lucky lady does Cam think will catch Bachie’s eye?

"He said that she’d have to be funny because he’s all about having a laugh," Cam recalled from his catch up with Matty just before he entered the Bach Pad.

"He also wants someone adventurous, who doesn’t wear too much makeup. A sort of surfie, or outdoorsy and a lot of fun."

Asked whether he prefers blondes or brunettes, Cam made it very clear to OK! that Matty’s not looking for a Kardashian kopykat.

"He goes for a natural-type of look," he insisted, adding: "He’s very big on personality. He’d pick the girl that is very light-hearted and fun over the girl with the looks."

Cam does admit that despite professing his love to Georgia Love on the last season of The Bachelorette, he didn’t think Georgia was Matty’s type.

"He and I used to joke that we were the ones in the house that would fall hard and wear our heart on our sleeves. An exact quote, 'You know how I am if I like someone – I love her, I’m marrying her, I’m having her kids.' He wears his heart on his sleeve."

Sounds like there will be one very lucky bride-to-be at the end up this season!

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