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Diva on the set! Sophie Monk’s Bachelorette demands revealed

The incoming Bachelorette is causing havoc with her lengthy list of requirements.

Producers on the upcoming season of Ten show The Bachelorette have been thrown into a spin by the series’ latest leading lady Sophie Monk.
According to multiple sources, the already established actress and reality star has not only commanded the biggest pay cheque in the franchise’s history, but her list of “special requirements” is also stretching the budget to breaking point ahead of the start of shooting later this month.
Business-class flights, elaborate meals and an on-call personal assistant are just a few of the things Sophie, 37, has allegedly insisted form part of her contract.
Some of Sophie's outrageous demands include business class flights, her own PA and green smoothies.
“Producers are freaking out,” an insider spills to Woman’s Day.
“She has demanded her own personal runner – the same one she had when she filmed The Celebrity Apprentice in 2015 – to be on hand solely 
to deliver her special meals.
“Back then, she would order fresh green juices to be hand-delivered twice a day, 
as well as her favourite healthy salad. He would get them for her like a waiter and personally serve her in her dressing room.”
WATCH: Sophie reveals what she wants in a man. Post continues after the video...
Sophie has also baulked at travelling in economy class like all previous Bachelors and Bachelorettes.
“She’s the first one to get business class on the trips,” says our source.
“And she’s obviously the highest paid Bachelor or Bachelorette ever.”
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