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Bachelorette Australia: Bombshell texts suggest Taite WASN'T SERIOUS about the show

Ali's not laughing, Taite.

By Jess Pullar
Last night's grand finale of Bachelorette Australia couldn't have looked more perfect for Ali Oetjen, who chose Taite in a field of green pastures accompanied by an orchestral soundtrack fit for a romcom.
But it looks like Ali's happy ending might not be everything it seems as shock new texts emerge suggesting her beau didn't have the best intentions when applying for the show.
Is everything as it seems with Taite? (Image: Network 10)
In fact, it looks like Taite, who told Ali he was falling for her in last night's finale, allegedly applied for the show as a joke, even once bragging: "It's better to be famous than a nobody."
The bombshell, which was reported by the Daily Mail, came with screenshots of text messages to prove it.
Taite, who originally starred on Channel Seven's First Dates reality series in 2017, reportedly sent the messages to former cast member on the show Dee Nguyen, with whom he also shared a brief relationship with. The pair shared the messages shortly before Taite applied for The Bachelorette.
The alleged text message from Taite reads: "I have been looking online I would love to apply for a new other [shows]."
Dee replied saying she was considering applying for The Bachelor, to which Taite replies: "Hahaha I want to apply for that too hahaha how funny would that be."
Looks like Ali might need to watch out! (Image: Network 10)
It's no secret Taite is very confident, winning Ali's heart despite his apparent hesitation towards commitment - something that Ali holds very dear indeed.
During their final one-on-one date, Taite revealed to Ali that he wasn't ready to "commit" to marriage and children.
"Everything I see in you is what I want," Taite said. "But the only thing that scares me is your timeline. You want them [marriage and kids] so fast," he told her.
Indeed, it looks like Taite is prioritising the spotlight above anything else right now. During his stint on First Dates, he made the most of his screen time by stripping off, proudly stating that he words out six or seven days a week.
And in 2015, he proved how keen he was for attention, writing a status on Facebook: "I give Facebook permission to spread my photos across the internet and make me famous. It's better to be famous than a nobody."
In spite of this, Ali really seemed committed to choosing Taite, opting to say goodbye to the ever-perfect runner up Todd King.
She told Todd on the show: "I feel like we would have such a perfect life together but something is missing for me."
"I can't explain what I'm feeling but one thing I know now about love is that it's not just about ticking off a checklist."
In choosing Taite, Ali already seemed to know what she was in for, saying: "I know Taite's not going to say I love you and I'm okay with that."
"I just can't wait to tell him. I am bursting with happiness."
And despite the bombshell texts following the season finale, it looks as though Ali and Taite are still as loved up as they appeared on the show.
On Thursday evening, Ali shared a picture of herself and Taite to Instagram standing in a field looking lovingly into each others eyes.
She captioned the PDA-filled post: "We are outdoorsy adventurers aren't we lovey! These past couple of months have been so hard, long distance relationship plus keeping us a secret plus how over the moon happy I am!"
She continued to write: "I've never been more spiritually, emotionally, physically connected and in love. You light up my world beautiful!"
Ali shared this lovey-dovey shot to her Instagram following the grand finale. (Image: Instagram / @alioetjen)
Meanwhile, Taite also shared a sweet picture of the two on his own Instagram along with the caption: "You're the reason why I have been so happy. Now everybody knows. I love you and I can't imagine a day I won't."
So despite his potential trolling intentions on The Bachelorette, it looks like Ali and Taite are for real, for now at least.
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Taite also appears head over heels with Ali, according to his social media. (Image: Instagram /@taiteadamradley)