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Bachelor star reveals life threatening disease which almost killed her

''My body is a walking time bomb!''

By Anita Lyons
Former Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise star Nina Rolleston has revealed that she almost died while coming back from a trip to Mexico.
The 32-year-old was diagnosed with Deep Vein Thrombodid (DVT) a week after returning from holiday.
In an interview with Daily Mail, the reality star confirmed that "four of the six main veins in her right leg are now blocked with blood clots."
After returning to Australia, Nina was rushed to hospital.
"It was a complete surprise as I am fit and healthy and not overweight," Nina said of her diagnosis.
Nina says that people "have misconceptions about DVT, thinking it just 'goes away'", but it can actually be very serious.
"My body is walking, ticking time bomb right now. So I need to have a healthy mind and healthy body," she said.
Nina Rolleston has revealed she suffers from DVT. (Source: Network Ten)
Due to the blood thinners she is on, the wedding planner has had to change her lifestyle significantly. For example, she can no longer go on a "really big run".
"So now that is taken away from me," she said,
"I can't wear high heels, I can't drink. I can't do anything where there is any risk of head knocks. If I knock my head I can get internal brain bleeding."
Because of "the severity of the clots", it could be six-nine months before Nina gets the all-clear.
"Once I'm off the medication, I then have to go through genetic testing," she said.
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In May 2018, Nina spoke with TV WEEK about her health journey, including her incredible 12kg weight loss!
"It wasn't a conscious decision to lose weight," Nina said at the time.
"Basically, I was terrified about turning 30. But once I did [become slimmer], everything changed.
"My career blossomed, my friendships went from strength to strength, and I just started loving myself more."
Nina on The Bachelor Australia in 2015...and fit and loving it in July 2019.
She was always sporty, but Nina said that since she had started doing Pilates and climbing mountains just for fun, everything was different.
"I've become more active and I love it," she said.

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