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Bachelor In Paradise star Sam Cochrane’s secret girlfriend revealed: ‘He dumped her for Tara!’

Bachelor In Paradie's Sam’s ex is left shattered after seeing his engagement on TV.

By NW team
Sam Cochrane and Tara Pavlovic have captured hearts all over Australia following their surprise engagement on Bachelor In Paradise... but sadly it's left one woman heartbroken – Sam's former girlfriend, who was waiting for him back at home!
Indeed, NW has learnt that Sam allegedly had a relationship on pause while he explored things in Paradise and unexpectedly fell head-over-heels in love with Gold Coast nanny Tara, 28.

"The other girl is heartbroken," says the source, who claims Sam was seeing the blonde babe for five months before he flew to Fiji for filming of Bachelor In Paradise.
"Sam assured her he was going for the money and TV time – he even admitted himself that he went to Fiji with only a fraction of his heart open – so she was expecting him to come back and pick up where they left off."

However, after Sam secretly popped the question to Tara in December, four weeks after their first meeting, his devastated ex has apparently been left feeling "stupid".
"He didn't even have the guts to call her after the fact to explain he'd not only fallen for someone else, but popped the question. Instead, she saw it on TV," the source alleges.
"She really believed she had a genuine relationship with Sam – she can't believe that this has happened."

According to NW's insider, the girl Sam left behind still had strong feelings for the Sydney-based voiceover artist, 31.
In fact, before he went away she even made him a care package full of essentials for the island.
"She didn't want him to forget anything, so she packed him a basket of things like toothpaste, chapstick, lollies and even playing cards, so that he wouldn't get bored," our source reveals. "She's gutted."
NW later tracked down the girl in question, and while she asked to remain anonymous, she wishes Sam and Tara all the best if their relationship
is indeed genuine.
And Sam is 100 per cent certain it is.
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