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“It was all fake!” Bachelor In Paradise’s Sam Cochrane lifts the lid on Sophie Monk and Stu Laundy’s relationship

'There were some questionable motives in their relationship.'

By TV Week team
He may not have won Sophie Monk's heart on The Bachelorette Australia in 2017. But Sam Cochrane isn't sure if any of the suitors, including the eventual winner, Stu Laundy, ever had a chance.
"I think there were some questionable motives in their relationship," Sam, 31, tells TV WEEK.
"Seeing her and Stu break up didn't surprise me at all."
Sam also admits he didn't have any genuine feelings during the show.
"I didn't feel things for Sophie and should have just left," he says. "Really, I stayed for the boys. From now on, I need to follow my gut."
"She looked uncomfortable and cagey," radio host Em Rusciano says.
Sam's explosive accusations are just one among many, with radio hosts Kate Langbroek and Meshel Laurie and Em Rusciano hitting out against the reality couple's relationship in October last year.
"She has played a trick on everyone and the ultimate prize is a great career, not a man," 2Day FM radio host, Em, said at the time.
"She, to me, looked uncomfortable and cagey and like she didn't want to be there."
However, Sophie was anything but cagey as she opened up about her brutal split in an emotional interview on A Current Affair earlier this year (above). She broke down on camera as she revealed the "clashes" in her relationship.
"Oh, you're going to make me emotional... Oh s--t. I can't cry," Sophie panicked in the interview.

As for Stu, he reveals that the whole ordeal left him with the revelation that ex-wife Rachel is the love of his life.
"I'm sorry to Australia but the reality is most of these stories will finish with the couple not together," the publican says.
"[But] I've got a friend for life ... I think Soph and I were meant to be mates like a fate thing."

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