The Aussie celebrities who are deep in the trenches with parents homeschooling their kids during lockdown

It's a tough gig!

By Faye Couros
The Sydney lockdown that began in the school holidays has seeped into the third term of the school year.
This means thousands of families across Australia are having to brave homeschooling, and this includes Aussie celebrities who are deep in the trenches as they attempt to get their kids to focus on their work.
It's in no way an easy feat to command the authority of your children who aren't used to viewing their parent as a teacher – but it must be done, even if there are tears and meltdowns (from the parent or the kid).
However, the upside is that it's an incredibly unique and bonding experience that may even create some fond memories in 15 years.
These celebrities have shared their candid homeschooling moments, and they range from sweet to hilarious.