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EXCLUSIVE: Aussie cricket WAGs at war!

The claws are out as the first ladies of the pitch battle to be Queen Bee.

They're the glammed up women who follow the Aussie cricket team across the globe, and it seems the latest line-up of WAGS are already at war.
As the summer of cricket heats up, the boys in the Baggy Greens – despite levelling the Series 1-1 last week in Perth – have a tough road ahead the next two matches to beat fierce rivals India.
With plenty of taunts and sledges on the ground, it's the off-field "diva" antics of some of the wives and girlfriends that have insiders predicting an almighty catfight is brewing in the stands.
"The 'newbies' are constantly trying to outdo one another – it's a viper's nest. After the departure of Queen Bee Kyly [Clarke], stern words were directed at the group, but for a few, it seems to have fallen on deaf ears," says our cricket insider.
From left to right, Aussie cricket WAGs Amy Finch, Rachel Khawaja and Emma McCarthy. (Images: Getty Images/Instagram @emm_mccarthy)

Void in the ranks

With the benching of Steve Smith and Dave Warner following the ball tampering scandal in March this year, it meant their two wives, Dani and Candice, were also declared out.
"There's a massive void now – both women were calming influences and neither take any nonsense. Candice is a very grounding influence, and isn't afraid to tell the rookies to pull their heads in."
Vying for top billing has come down to a three-way battle between Rachel Khawaja, wife of batsman Usman, Amy Finch, married to Aaron Finch, and Emma McCarthy, who last year stumped the cricketing world when her secret relationship with spin bowler Nathan Lyon, then married to Mel Waring, was revealed.
WATCH: Steve Smith apologises for ball tampering. Post continues...
"Rachel is definitely the frontrunner – she's known as the prima donna. She posts every label she wears, and recently put up a shot of herself on the big screen at a match in the UAE," says our insider.
Joining Rachel at the top of the pack is Amy, who calls herself a "shopping enthusiast" and "Fashion Boss" on Instagram.
"Amy is unstoppable on social media," dishes our insider. "But none of these girls even come close to queen of labels Kyly!"
Meanwhile, eager Emma's attempts to be one of the girls hasn't been easy.
"When Nathan left Mel it rocked the partners – she and the couple's two little girls were much loved by their cricketing family. Management have made a stand and told the WAGS to make an effort with Emma. But naturally they're wary," says the source.
Rachel Khawaja, wife of batsman Usman, is the frontrunner for Queen Bee. (Image: Instagram @rachelmkhawaja)

New-level WAGs

Meanwhile the arrival of another tribe of WAGS has the local cricketing beauties a little hot under the collar. When the Indian team hit our shores last month, their band of sophisticated spouses sent shockwaves through the Aussie camp.
Anushka Sharma is India's first lady of cricket, married to the much-loved captain Virat Kohli. A Bollywood sensation, Anushka is one of the highest-paid movie stars in India, and quietly goes about her business juggling her life as a WAG with being a film producer, fashion designer and model, and commands $290,000-plus per branded Instagram.
Anushka Sharma, married to Indian captain Virat Kohli, is the first lady of cricket. (Image: Getty Images)
"It's next level with Anushka, and little wonder she's loved the world over. She has a staggering 21.9 million Instagram followers so there's no competition – Rachel has 26,000 followers, and Amy not quite 10,000.
"The WAG camps are polar opposites. When Rachel and Usman married earlier this year they frantically shopped their wedding around, in the end settling for a small fee. In stark contrast, Anushka and Virat sold their lavish nuptials for a lot of money, donating the entire amount to a charity in India. They're all class.
"Whichever of the WAGS win out, they won't be reigning for long. Once Dani and Candice return, things calm down. Either that or there'll be a whole lot more fireworks to come!"

Introducing Isa Guha!

Former British cricketer Isa Guha has joined the Fox Sports commentary team. (Image: Getty Images)
If you don't know her name, you soon will!
The former British cricketer has joined the Fox Sports commentary team, alongside local legends such as Adam Gilchrist and Shane Warne.
Adam told Stellar, "I believe the Aussie audience will really warm to Isa's humour, knowledge and humility."
While Isa has the full support of her colleagues, she says she feels a bit of pressure.
"When you're a female in a male environment, you do feel like you have to be right on the money. But I've never been intimated working with men, I've played cricket with a boys team from a young age."

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