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Aussie mum tells all: 'I watched Kanye's hospital drama unfold'

Mum-of-two Belinda James has broken her silence about the “disgraceful behaviour” from Kanye West and his entourage during his hospital scare in Melbourne.
The 39-year-old Melbourne resident, who was scheduled to have an MRI scan at the same time the rapper was rushed into the emergency room at Melbourne’s Epworth Hospital in Richmond, tells Woman’s Day she was appalled with Kanye and his private doctor’s diva-like demands.
Woman's Day can now confirm Kanye's wife Kim Kardashian was by his side as he was stretchered into the examination room, suffering from severe migraine.
“At around 2pm on Wednesday I was prepped and waiting to go in for my MRI when his doctor, followed by security came into the MRI ward and demanded that everyone be cleared out,” says Belinda.
“The woman introduced herself as a qualified medical professional and insisted that her patient would not be following protocol or filling out forms in the main area.
“The hospital staff seemed very flustered – there were six security guards adding to the pressure and despite them saying they had rules to follow, his doctor was not taking no for an answer.
“I had no idea who they were talking about but I knew it was someone big because of all of the security and commotion.”
Melbourne's Epworth Hospital in Richmond where Kanye West was treated.
As Kanye’s doctor demanded patients be taken out of the ward, Belinda’s doctor insisted that she continue with her MRI. Once she was finished, around 20 minutes later, everyone had been cleared out and hospital staff was still arguing with Kanye’s doctor about the "privacy situation".
“Clearly they were not happy with my position because the next minute I was wheeled out in front of the reception desk – so much for my privacy!"
“That’s when the doors opened and a stretcher was wheeled in by six security guards in a row shielding him. It was a pretty surreal sight – Kanye was lying on the trolley with something white covering the lower part of his face.”
“I heard hospital staff talking about the patients who had been moved out – some of them had their surgery delayed and I was shocked. Some of the people there were really sick – a lot were in severe pain and its not right they were pushed to one side for him,” she said.
Belinda says he looked “disorientated” and “anxious”.
“Kim looked worried and panicked about the situation. She stood hiding behind the curtain but when he went into have the MRI just the six security guards went in – she waited outside.
"He looked terrible and they seemed really worried. Then later that night I saw that he had gone to perform at his concert. I was shocked!
"How on earth had he managed that? I could not believe that he had picked himself up from the dire state I had seen him in just hours earlier. How had he pulled himself together so soon?”
“It wasn’t the hospitals fault it was his medical representative – the hospital staff were at a bit of a loss on how to handle it,” Belinda says.
“I believe everyone should be treated equally – I think most Australians feel the same way. Whoever he is, it doesn’t give him the right to take the place of someone else who is worse off."
Although Kanye went on to perform his final Melbourne concert on Wednesday night, there are certainly concerns for his health.
“Maybe he is unwell, maybe he has a known condition – they were certainly prepared and his doctor knew the drill,” Belinda says.
A hotel source tells Woman’s Day exclusively that Kim is really worried about her husband’s health. The source said Kanye, who was up at 5am, looked unwell as he prepared for their flight to Sydney.
Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West in Sydney.
“Kanye didn't look like he had slept last night. He looked shattered and you could tell he wasn't feeling well,” the source said.
“Kim was overheard telling people they thought he may be coming down with the flu, but you could tell she seemed really worried and it was a lot more than that.”
The pair has since arrived in Sydney with their daughter North West, checking into their suite at Sydney’s Park Hyatt hotel, ahead of concerts on Friday and Saturday night.
The pair was spotted on the balcony earlier today looking tired as they took in the sites of Sydney harbour.
Kanye's record label had no comment about his hospital stay, but said his shows will continue as scheduled.
"Kanye went on stage last night in Melbourne as scheduled. The tour continues at Sydney's Qantas Credit Union Arena tomorrow and Saturday, before concluding in Brisbane on Monday night," a Live Nation spokeswoman said.

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