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Asher Keddie's heartfelt tribute to her husband on their wedding anniversary will restore your faith in love

This is the win the world needed.

By Bella Brennan
Let's face it, it's been a rough few months for some of our favourite A-list couples.
First Chris Pratt and Anna Faris decided to end their seemingly perfect marriage. Then Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux proved love was all but a lie.
And just as we'd gotten over the shock of Married At First Sight power couple Sarah Roza and Telv William's bust-up, our belief in the Big L was tested all over again after Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan confirmed their sad split.
But now our faith in love has finally been restored in the form of Offspring favourite Asher Keddie and her husband, artist Vincent Fantauzzo.
On Monday night, the actress took to social media to post a rare public tribute to her main man to mark their four-year wedding anniversary.
"Married this guy four years ago.. thank you for giving me these beautiful boys, and all your hot blooded Irish Italian goodness. I love you ❤️ #familyforever #lovers," the 43-year-old wrote alongside a collection of stunning, never-before-seen photos.
This first snap (below) is from their 2014 wedding day on Turtle Island in Fiji and shows the actress in an elegant beaded gown, holding onto her bouquet and cuddling up to her husband and his son Luca.
"Married this guy four years ago." (Image/@asherkeddieofficial)
"Thank you for giving me these beautiful boys, and all your hot blooded Irish Italian goodness." (Image/@asherkeddieofficial)
In the second pic (above), Vincent is pictured cradling their newborn son Valentino, who is now three.
While she may have seven Logies to her name, Asher says there's no better feeling than becoming a mother to Valentino and step-mother to Luca.
"I can't believe how much I love him, it's indescribable. I'll always remember that moment we met him to be one of pure joy," the actress explained to a local publication shortly after her son's birth.
And if Vincent has a say, there'll also be some more babies in the mix too.
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Asher with her step-son Luca on her wedding day back in 2014. (Image/@asherkeddieofficial)
"I'm working on Asher having more and more children so each year I can paint them," the artist said on The Project in 2015.
Meanwhile, despite chatter Offspring might not return to our screens Asher gave fans a renewed flicker of hope this week when she told TV WEEK she'd be down for an eighth season.
"I haven't had a conversation about Offspring for so long, since we finished last year, and that's the truth," she said.
"I guess if someone had the conversation, I would always say yes to a conversation."