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Are Michael & Kyly Clarke back together? The cricket legend is looking to his old life after shock split from Pip Edwards

The pair share a daughter, Kelsey Lee.

By Woman's Day team
When news broke of Michael Clarke and Pip Edwards' split, fans were shocked by the move, especially since the high-profile couple appeared to have it all.
Their Instagram pages were littered with pictures from their perpetual sun-soaked beach outings, holidays, days cruising around Sydney Harbour on luxury yachts and lavish parties with well-heeled Bondi celebs.
However, all was not what it seemed.
A source tells Woman's Day that as the couple's relationship fizzled, all Michael was left with was a desire to return to his old life with estranged wife Kyly. And now they're both single again, he wants her back.
"Michael realised he made the biggest mistake of his life leaving Kyly and not giving it his best shot," says our insider.
"He thought he wanted another life – a fast-lane rock star existence with luxury boats, multi-million-dollar digs, lavish holidays and indulging in all things extravagant – but really, he just wants to be a dad and a husband, and he hopes it's not too late."
Will Kyly and Michael get back together? (Instagram)
The source adds that while Michael, 39, was having a ball in his first few months of dating the Bondi It Girl, their lifestyle of parties and social events was too much for him.
"He thought Pip had the sort of profile he wanted to be associated with, but Michael got tired of the lifestyle pretty quickly," says the insider.
"He hadn't realised how much he misses Kyly and his old life with his gorgeous daughter Kelsey Lee, who is only five and missing her daddy."
The pair made a solid couple together. (Instagram)

Moving back in?

Just days after Michael and Pip split, a removalist van was spotted out the front of Kyly's $2 million rented property in Bondi, with many believing Michael was moving his stuff back in.
And while our insider admits their reconciliation won't be immediate, the pair have grown closer since Michael's break-up with Pip, and they rediscovered just how special their bond was.
"A lot of water has passed under the bridge but both Kyly and Michael know that they once had something very special," says the source.
"Michael also didn't think Kyly being in a relationship with V8 driver James Courtney would rock him so much – but it did, and that was the moment he took a good hard look at himself and reflected on what he wanted from life."

Reinventing the past

Michael and Kyly, who were considered one of Australia's power couples during their seven-year marriage, have certainly had something of an image crisis following their split.
Michael has had to endure fierce backlash following Pip's many controversies, while Kyly, 39, has been left to spruik cleaning products on Instagram after her reality TV show House Rules was axed by Seven.
And even though their young daughter is likely to be a motivator for a reunion, our source says restoring their reputations back to their glory days would be an extra bonus.
"Michael needs Kyly to reinvent himself," says our insider.
"They should unite and use their profiles for something really amazing – and show everyone the Clarkes are back in town!"

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