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Did Imogen Anthony just confirm her engagement to Kyle Sandilands?

It’s long been speculated…

Imogen Anthony has dropped the biggest hint yet that she’s engaged to longtime boyfriend Kyle Sandilands.
Taking to Instagram on Thursday, the 26-year-old all but confirmed the happy news with a picture of what could be the world’s most risqué wedding dress.
She captioned the shot: “Fittings. 💍”
And no, that sparkling diamond ring emoji isn’t lost on us!

Imogen’s followers were quick to comment on the cryptic post, with many sending their congratulations and well-wishes to the happy couple.
“Congratulations!!! Such exciting news ❤️💛💙💚💜,” one wrote, while another added: “About time you guys.”
A third noted: “Yassss! You guys actually really do suit each other with outrageous personalities congratulations!”

Kyle recently made headlines after unleashing an expletive-filled rant about Today Extra co-host David Campbell.
“I refuse to go on that show while he works there, because I hate the guy’s guts,” he said after saying “I'll spit on his grave before I go on that f-ing show” one day earlier.
Despite initially saying, “'I had to be reminded what the feud was about, 'cause I'd forgotten,” Kyle didn’t hold back on his feelings about Jimmy Barnes’ son.
WATCH: Kyle rubs Studio 10 star Jessica Rowe the wrong way. Post continues...
So what did David do that was so awful Kyle wants to ‘slap him with a dead fish’ years later? He publicly admonished the shock jock for calling a female journalist a “fat slag.”
That’s right, Kyle was a derogatory, childish bully, but it’s David’s fault for daring to say his comments made him a “douchebag”.
Kyle regularly takes shots at the entertainer on his show. When interviewing David’s co-host Sonia Kruger earlier this year, he called him a “big-mouth, a piece of s-t”.
Speaking to news.com.au, he said he couldn’t stand “that c-k breath.”
“As soon as he had a chance to have a little whinge during one of my many f**k-ups of life, he was one of the ones to first sink the boot in as many people did,” the radio host said.
“And I thought, f**k you dog! I’ve done the right thing by you the whole time and he just jumped on the bandwagon. He’s just a peasant. Now he’s no friend of mine."
We're guessing David hasn’t lost any sleep over the vitriolic tirade from a man who gets paid to start drama.

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