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Are Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid about to elope?

The stress of planning a big wedding was what reportedly led the couple to split for a while, and now they know how to fix it.

By Elizabeth Best
Here comes the bride… and there she goes again!
Courteney Cox is reportedly planning to skip the big ceremony, and instead elope with Johnny McDaid.
According to an insider, the pair split temporarily when the sheer stress of planning a big wedding just got all too much for them.
“Making wedding plans was so stressful and it was part of why they split,” the source explained.
The pair rekindled their relationship after calling their wedding off in December 2015.
The couple sees elopement as the perfect way to escape the stress associated with their big day.
“They just want to do this with a minimum of fuss in an LA registry office, then they’ll have a wedding dinner party at her place with friends and family,” said the insider.
Courteney says her daughter Coco wants to play a very special part in the ceremony... or a few special parts! See what she wants to do in the clip below, then post continues.
The couple have decided a much more casual approach to marriage suits them much better.
Both Courteney and Johnny reportedly want the ceremony to be quick and fuss free with just the two of them, and Courteney’s daughter to David Arquette, Coco, present on the day.
The pair are reportedly planning a wedding in autumn in the US.
“They’ve told people to keep a weekend free in October,” the insider said, presumably for the party after their nuptials.
Johnny and Courteney are planning on having a big party after the private ceremony.
But according to several sources, the groom’s family are less than impressed with their wedding plans.
“Johnny’s family won’t be happy about this, but it’s what they both want right now,” revealed the insider. “They’re finally in a place where they’re having loads of fun.”
The 54-year-old actress and her 40-year-old singer fiancé then plan to holiday in Northern Ireland, Johnny’s homeland.
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