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Get your first look at Angelina Jolie's passion project following her divorce

The actress-turned-director steps back into the spotlight, five months on from her messy split with Brad Pitt.

By Zoë Holloway
She’s only been spotted a handful of times since announcing her shock split from Brad Pitt in September last year.
Angelina Jolie stepped back into the spotlight, on February 6, to promote her upcoming directorial movie, First They Killed My Father.
The 41-year-old put on a brave face, as she gave fans a first glimpse of the Netflix drama, which tells the story of the Cambodian genocide.
“It's the first time there's something of this size about this war in this country,” the actress explained.
“I feel like nobody is here for themselves, and anybody who's here to do any job is here to put something forward and help their country speak.”
Angelina Jolie and her ex-husband, Brad Pitt, pre-divorce drama in 2016.
Angelina Jolie and her son Maddox, now 15, as a baby.
It’s a film that is particularly close to Angelina’s heart.
The actress-turned-director’s oldest son Maddox was born in the South-East Asian country, and she recently revealed that the now fifteen-year-old heavily influenced her to get involved with the project.
“He was the one who just called it and said he was ready and that he wanted to work on it which he did,” said the actress.
“He read the script, helped with notes, and was in the production meetings.”
And Maddox wasn’t the only Jolie-Pitt offspring to get involved with the film.
Angelina also enlisted the help of her thirteen-year-old son Pax, who took behind-the-scenes shots of the mum-of-six and crew members.
Angelina’s rare public appearance is a positive sign that the she's slowly recovering from a very volatile few months.
Angelina with cast members in Cambodia. Pic Credit: Splash
Angelina and Maddox in on set. Pic Credit: Splash
But there's still a long road until their custody arrangement is finalised, with new reports from the US revealing Brad is reportedly refusing to pay Angie child support.
Angie is said to want full custody of their six children while Brad wants joint.
A source speaking to In Touch claims the actress is seeking $131,000 a month from her ex.
"This will pay for all of the kids’ expenses as well as set up a trust fund for each child," an insider tells.
Although Brad "has no issue taking care of the kids he won’t pay her child support" because want her in control of the finances.
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The film is close to Angelina's heart, as her eldest son Maddox was adopted from Cambodia.