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Angelina Jolie is crazy about her colleague Loung Ung

The actress is leaning on a very special friend – and they share a strong bond.

Her marriage to Brad Pit came to a spectacular end, but Angelina Jolie isn’t lonely anymore – she’s spending every moment with 
a treasured female companion - Loung Ung.
Ange, 42, poured her heart into her directorial passion project First They Killed My Father, a made-for-Netflix film about a little girl’s experience of the 1975 Cambodian genocide.
And long after filming wrapped up, sources say Ange is inseparable from 47-year-old Loung - the film’s star.
Loung wrote First They Killed My Father.
“Angelina says she’s had a girl crush on Loung for years," an insider says.
"She’s in awe of how she survived such a horrific experience and grew into a fearless crusader and incredible writer."
"They’ve been close for 16 years, but hundreds of emotional hours translating the story of survival cemented their bond."
Adding, "Loung’s husband Mike even calls Ange Loung’s 'work wife.'"
"We clicked right away," Loung has said.
Those close to Ange say her friendship with Loung has been her saving grace as she deals with the fallout of her marriage breakdown last year.
Their friendship began when Ange went to Cambodia to adopt Maddox.
She was in her 20s, and she bought Loung’s book from a street vendor.
"It was an education about refugees and what children go through in a war. I wanted 
to find her," Angelina admitted.
"We clicked right away," Loung added.
"She was really, really authentic. She hates it when I gush about her in public, but she’s a really cool person."
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Their friendship began when Ange went to Cambodia to adopt Maddox.

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