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Angela Bishop shares footage from the Uluru trip she and daughter Amelia took to honour her late husband

The Studio 10 host shared a heartwarming tribute urging people to not climb the sacred rock.

By Alex Lilly
Angela Bishop has shared a heartwarming personal story about her late husband in a plea to stop people from climbing the sacred site that is Uluru.
Taking to Instagram, the Studio 10 host shared two photos and a video taken shortly after Peter Baikie's death in 2017 when she and daughter Amelia journeyed to the Northern Territory.
In the post, the first photo shows Angela and Peter's daughter holding a toy doll in front of the natural wonder while the second photo shows both mum and daughter standing in front of the rock.
A video (see in the player above) also depicts Angela and Amelia sitting on the back of separate motorcycles hitching a ride as they drive round the base of the rock sacred to the Indigenous community.
Angela's daughter Amelia poses in front of Uluru. (Image: Instagram @angelabishop10)
Angela penned: "Uluru is a magical, spiritual place. After Peter died, Amelia and I went on the trip he was meant to take with us to fulfil a dream he'd had - to ride a motorbike around the base of Uluru."
"We felt him with us as the exhilaration took over, riding Harleys at dawn. It is a healing place, where we were warmly welcomed and lucky enough to listen to stories that are thousands of years old. There is no need to climb the rock. Stand before it and take in the magnificence, the mystery and the magic."
From October 26 2019, it is illegal to climb the rock and anyone who breaches the rule could be fined thousands of dollars.
"There is no need to climb the rock. Stand before it and take in the magnificence, the mystery and the magic." (Image: Instagram @angelabishop10)
Peter Baike passed away in November 2017 from a rare form of cancer and was described by his loved ones as a "car fanatic, a motorbike lover and a gifted mechanic."
Speaking to Good Health earlier this year, Angela revealed that she held a charity motorbike ride to both celebrate Pete's life and to raise money for the charity on the anniversary of Pete's passing in November
"We are so fortunate in so many ways that I like to help whenever I can," she says. "There are a lot of people out there who have rare cancers who don't have a support group, which you get with other types of cancers. This is so important. And to be doing something for others, you help yourself too – certainly it has helped us heal."
WATCH: Angela Bishop emotionally speaks about her husband's death on Studio 10. Post continues after video...
Angela and Amelia are quite the pair and the mother-daughter duo's relationship has become stronger since Pete's death.
Speaking to The Weekly in April about her daughter's strength following their tragedy, the entertainment journalist said that they instinctively know when the other needs cheering up.
"I know Peter would be very proud of Amelia and what she has been achieving. She's been working so hard on her school work this year and she's a big help. We are a good team."

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