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Angela Bishop breaks down talking about her late husband on Studio 10

The Studio Ten star revealed that her wedding anniversary would have been this week.

By Anita Lyons
In an emotional moment, TV presenter Angela Bishop has broken down while speaking about her late husband on Friday morning.
During a segment on Studio 10, the veteran entertainment journalist was brought to tears while talking about Blanche d'Alpuget and Bob Hawke's final days together as she referenced her late partner Peter Baikie.
"When she spoke about that privilege of being with him as a carer, that's true. I can't quite put it into words yet," she said, choking on her words.
"But um, it's a very special time, there's a lot of honesty there. I kind of get what she's saying, its a pure kind of love."
In an interview with Leigh Sales on the ABC, Blanche spoke about her late husband's legacy, which clearly struck a chord with Bishop.
After a showbiz segment, Angela's co-host, Denise Drysdale, was seen wiping tears away from her colleague's face.
"We're just helping out a dear friend here," Sarah Harris said.
Angela Bishop breaks down on Studio Ten. (Source: Network 10)
Denise was seen wiping Angela's face in a poignant moment. (Source: Network Ten)
Angela then revealed the heartbreaking detail that it "would have been their wedding anniversary this week".
"So it is a big of a hard week," she said. "I do think what she said was beautiful."
"And it's how you felt, so you can relate to it," Denise added.
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Angela's husband, Peter Baikie died in 2017 after a long battle with cancer.
Announcing his death at the time, the family said in a statement: "It is with a heavy heart that Angela Bishop, family and friends advise you of the passing of Angela's much-loved husband, Peter Baikie."
"His courage in fighting this disease left all that shared his journey full of immense admiration. He found his tower of strength in his wife Angela and the love of his daughter Amelia," the statement continued.
"He fought courageously till the end and passed away on Wednesday 22nd November 2017 peacefully, surrounded by his family and friends."
"Peter was a car fanatic, a motorbike lover and a gifted mechanic. He embraced life with all it had to offer him - but without doubt his family and friends were the highlights in his world."
"The love shown to Angela and family during his final days by Peter's circle of friends is testament to the man he was. He will be dearly missed but forever loved."
Peter and Angela Bishop. (Source: Getty Images)
Just last month, the 51-year-old Studio 10 host opened up about life after Peter's death.
"You've got to quickly have a dash to the loo and have a cry then reapply the mascara and come back again," Angela, 51, says of attempting to keep a brave face on in public.
"I don't try to keep the grief in when it hits, otherwise I'll do myself an injury. You've got to go and find somewhere to have a little cry. I do it a lot in the traffic in the car, or in the car park at work. You just have to let it out," she told The Australian Women's Weekly
"Some days I think I'm resilient, others I think I'm cactus. I haven't got enough distance to be able to look at it objectively. I don't know if I ever will. But you have to get up and put one foot in front of the other and keep going. And, of course, I've got the best reason to do that."
Angela and her daughter, Amelia. (Source: Australian Women's Weekly)
The couple's daughter, Amelia, has been Angela's strength over the last few years and in an interview with Australian Women's Weekly, she described her as "incredible".
Mother and daughter are clearly close, with Amelia excitedly sharing stories of their many road trips and adventures, and dropping spontaneous kisses on Angela's cheek while declaring her "the best mum ever".
"We kind of instinctively know when the other needs cheering up," says Angela of the dynamic the pair shares.
"I know Peter would be very proud of Amelia and what she has been achieving. She's been working so hard on her school work this year and she's a big help. We are a good team."

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