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Andy Lee recalls embarrassing moment he accidentally said “love you” to ex

The radio host has relived the moment for listeners in all its mortifying detail.

By Elizabeth Best
It’s one of those moments many people have endured at least once in their lives, and Andy Lee took to the radio waves to share his embarrassing story.
During a segment on the Hamish and Andy Show, the popular radio host confessed he once said “love you” on the phone to his ex Rebecca Harding by mistake.
And he shared the story with every little embarrassing detail.
“I had found out that Bec had got a new job, so I was ringing her to congratulate her on the new job,” the 35-year-old revealed.
Andy was mortified by his blooper.
"We're chatting away and we're getting towards the end of the conversation, when Dad rings through on the other line," he continued.
"So I said to Bec: 'Hey Bec, I've got to go, dad's calling through' and she says no problem. I said: 'Thanks very much. Love you'."
Nope Andy, there's no taking that one back.
And then, the host says, he panicked: "At that point I just realised I'd said 'I love you', which was something you were allowed to say a while back, back when you were going out."
He continued: “But it's not the sign off of choice now.”
So what do you do after a cringe-worthy performance like that?
"I went 'Ahhhhh!' and hung up the phone," the popular personality confessed.
Hamish had a hilarious suggestion on how he could have handled the situation.
Typically, Hamish Blake had a hilarious suggestion on how he could have "fixed" the situation.
"Is there a chance you could have put a D on the love?" he asked.
"What, loved you?" Andy replied, bursting into fits of laughter.
"I'm trying!" Hamish replied.
The embarrassing admission comes just two months after Andy announced his split from Rebecca.
The pair had originally started dating January last year.
Could Andy be the next Bachelor? Watch the video below to find out his response!

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