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Bec Harding reveals the secret to her happy long-term relationship to Andy Lee, and it’s stunningly simple

Three simple rules.

By Maddison Hockey
When it comes to their romance Rebecca Harding and Andy Lee, much to fans disappointment, typically tend to fly under the radar.
The couple, who have been dating for six years, often remain coy when asked about marriage and baby plans.
But, in a candid Instagram Q&A 30-year-old model Bec has given some insight into their dynamic, revealing the secret to her relationship's longevity.
Andy Lee and Bec Harding are one of our favourite couples. (Instagram)
In response to a fans' question asking for long-term relationship advice, influencer Bec gave three key tips.
"Mutual respect. An adventurous spirit. Good communication," she wrote alongside a series of clips of Andy out on exciting dates.
Bec and Andy's three simple relationship rules have been revealed. (Instagram)
Over on his own account, The Cube host coincidentally shared a cute moment of adoration for his girlfriend, complete with his iconic twist of humour.
Sharing a throwback photo of the model cradling seven full glasses of beer, Andy wrote: "When did you know you were in love with Bec? Hmmm... probably that day in 2017 when she carried 7 schooners to our table at the footy."

Bec and Andy are the centre of constant engagement speculation, and honestly can you blame us for getting impatient?
The couple sent fans into a frenzy at the start of this year when they believed they spotted a ring on THAT finger in one of Bec's posts.
The detail was so subtle it was easily missed if you were scrolling your feed fast enough, but the most dedicated of fans jumped on the spot.
Fans noticed a dainty ring on Bec's finger. (Instagram)
"Is that an engagement ring? 😍" one asked before another added: "I see a ring! 💕"
"Has Andy finally asked! 💍" a third questioned.
Alas, it wasn't the case, merely a trick of the camera flipping the image in a mirror.
Despite the constant question being thrown their way, the couple doesn't seem to have plans to settle down soon.
Rebecca told Who "a lot of people ask lately" whether Andy would be popping the question.
But she said they're happy with their relationship as it stands.
"We are just loving how life is right now," Bec said.