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This is too funny! Amal Clooney binge watches ER!

Mrs George Clooney really can’t get enough of her hunky hubby!

By Zoe Burrell
And George Clooney’s number one fan is…. his wife Amal!
Yep, the actor admitted that his wife loves watching old episodes of ER. In case you forgot, George played the dreamy, Dr. Doug Ross on the television series back in the 90’s.
"Every once in a while, Amal — because she didn’t really watch television during that period of time —will see it on TV, usually in Europe,” George told Vanity Fair . “And she’ll see it and it just makes us both laugh, because I’ve aged a lot in [the years since].Yeah, she got me 10 years after that guy, thank god."
Well, we still think he looks pretty darn good!
George Clooney as heartthrob, Dr. Doug Ross!
These days the pair has their hands full with their new twins, Alexander and Ella. And it seems that all those years playing a paediatrician on ER prepared George for the challenges of fatherhood.
"Everybody says, 'You don’t know.' But I knew what it was going to be. I will say it is a lot of responsibility, and they are really fun kids," he shared.
Meanwhile George is currently at the Toronto International Film Festival promoting his new directorial effort Suburbicon and revealed that he’s missing his two little bubs like crazy.
"Today is the first time that I have been away from them since they have been born and my wife sends me pictures and I sit here thinking, 'God I wish I was with my kids'," he shared. Aww!
"I have such admiration for my wife, who is getting about two hours of sleep for intervals at night when she's not up breastfeeding these two knuckleheads," he continued.
"I got lucky; I've got an incredible wife and two children that literally don't even care that I exist right now, because other than giving them a bottle every once in a while, everything is about Amal, but that's a beautiful sight to see."

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